PHOTOS: Join Us for the 2022 Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Today we stopped over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and joined in on the Wilderness Lodge Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt!

wilderness lodge

Now through November 1, guests can participate in this scavenger hunt.

wilderness lodge pumpkin4530

“13 of Disney’s most mischievous villains have taken over Disney’s Wilderness Lodge are hiding on pumpkins around our Resort. Find all 13 villains and return your completed clue guide to receive a prize!”

Spoiler Alert: If you plan to participate in this hunt without seeing the location of the pumpkins, here is your fair warning to stop reading now!

Clue #2

“When addressing her stepdaughter, this social climber does little to disguise her disgusted sneers.
She’s shopping for her true daughters where you can buy your souvenirs.”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4506
wilderness lodge pumpkin4507

Villain: Lady Tremaine

Location: Wilderness Lodge Mercantile

Clue 4

“This shadow man has all kinds of voodoo and hoodoo up his sleeve. He’s turning his tricks where you can grab quick bites and to-go goodies – but look carefully, he’s sneakier than you’d believe.”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4520
wilderness lodge pumpkin4518
wilderness lodge pumpkin4519

Villain: Dr. Facilier

Location: Roaring Fork

Clue #5

“This ferocious feline was willing to do anything to take over the throne. You can spot him where they serve a skillet that you probably won’t want to tackle alone.”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4509

Villain: Scar

Location: Whispering Canyon Cafe

Clue #6

“Very handy with apples and mirrors, this Queen is obsessed with being fairest of them all. Find her
where you can ask questions or make reservations – no request is too big or too small.”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4515
wilderness lodge pumpkin4516

Villian: The Evil Queen

Location: Wilderness Lodge Lobby Front Desk

Clue #8

“He raced away from his own game when his could no longer be played. Find him before he infiltrates our whole entire arcade!”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4535
wilderness lodge pumpkin4536

Villain: Turbo (King Candy)

Location: Buttons & Bells Arcade

Clue #10

“This pirate has a plan to get back at Pan quite the evil plotter. He’s staking out the boats that taxi Guests across the water!”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4526

(We were unable to get a close-up of this pumpkin due to construction.)

Villain: Captain Hook

Location: Wilderness Lodge Boat Dock

Clue #12

This self-centered “mother” stayed young for centuries because of a magical golden flower. She’s
biding her time near the water that explodes about once an hour.”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4496
wilderness lodge pumpkin4497

Villain: Mother Gothel

Location: Fire Rock Geyser

Clue #13

“Legend has it this God of the Underworld embraced his inner evil when from Mount Olympus he was spurned. He’s plotting his revenge in an extra warm corner of the Lobby – don’t get too close or you might get burned!”

wilderness lodge pumpkin4512
wilderness lodge pumpkin4513
wilderness lodge pumpkin4514

Villain: Hades

Location: Mining Cart near Lobby Fireplace

That’s all of the spoilers we are going to share today!

wilderness lodge pumpkin4541

If you successfully find all 13 pumpkin locations, and identify all 13 villains, you receive a special pin!

wilderness lodge pumpkin4542

Are you going to head over to Wilderness Lodge to find the other pumpkins? Let us know in the comments.

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