REVIEW: Dufftoberfest Beer and Pretzel Bowl With Cheese at Universal Studios Florida

It’s another fall which means Dufftoberfest has returned to Springfield, U.S.A. in Universal Studios Florida.

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A special German-style Märzen is on tap at Moe’s Tavern. The beer is $16.25 with the souvenir cup or $13.25 for a bigger serving in a plastic cup.

Dufftoberfest Beer – $16.25

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This beer is clean and deep with a malty richness. It complements the pretzel bowl well with the bready taste. It’s creamy and smooth.

Pretzel Bowl With Cheese – $6.99

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We have mixed feelings about this. We really like the pretzel. It’s super soft, but with no salt or seasoning, so it’s a little bland without the cheese.

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The cheese was thick and heavy. The flavor is good but the texture is a little much. It’s like when warm cheese sits a little too long.

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Honestly, if this had been a pretzel served with a small side of the cheese, we would have enjoyed it more than the huge portion of cheese in the center.

Watch our video review from Dufftoberfest and more below.

Dufftoberfest has also begun at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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