REVIEW: Secret Menu ‘Sparkler Spritz’ From Cafe 4 at Universal Orlando Resort

There are a some secret menu drinks available at Universal Orlando Resort this season. In Universal’s Islands of Adventure, guests can get the Sparkler Spritz from the secret menu of Cafe 4 in Marvel Super Hero Island. To get this drink, simply ask for it by name.

Secret Menu Sparkler Spritz — $7.00

Electrifying combination of Sprite, lemon juice, hibiscus, dragon fruit and tart cherry syrup, topped with whipped cream and blue raspberry Pop Rocks.

secret menu

This drink is really sweet and tart. It has a strong cherry flavor, almost like a cherry lemonade but the Sprite cuts the lemon.

UOR secret drink83

There’s a lot going on here, but the bottom line is it’s a super sugary and sweet drink. The whipped cream saves it, though. If you sip it from the cup instead of the through the straw, the cool, smooth whipped cream will soften the harshness. 

UOR secret drink06

It’s not something we would get again, but it’s fun and unique. Kids will probably love it. 

It’s not Marvel-ous, but it’s okay.

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