Vans x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Collection Drops at Disneyland Resort

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Vans x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Collection Drops at Disneyland Resort

After it came to Florida more than a month ago, the Vans x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary collection has finally dropped at the Disneyland Resort! We found all of these at the Disney Dress Shop in the Downtown Disney District.

Vans Mickey and Minnie Pullover Hoodie – $69.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 1

The hoodie is bright red, with Mickey and Minnie using yellow paint to draw out “Mickey” on the top.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 2

The Walt Disney World logo is under the characters. The sleeve is also printed with the “Off The Wall” Vans slogan.

Vans Mickey and Minnie T-Shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 18 scaled e1665622330825

The red adult shirt from the collection has a yellow Mickey ear silhouette with Mickey and Minnie posed in front.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 19

They are posed holding hands and the vintage Walt Disney World logo is under them.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 20 scaled e1665622398487

The backside shows the characters in the same print from the hoodie.

Vans Attractions T-Shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 34 scaled e1665622477637

The white adult attractions t-shirt has a navy blue Cinderella Castle on the front pocket area.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 36 scaled e1665622522418

The backside is printed with multiple park attractions from 1971.

Vans Snapback Hat – $34.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 4

To match the backpack, there is also a snapback hat.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 5

The hat has a red brim, white front, and checkered stripes along the sides.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 6

The back has an adjustable red snap closure.

Vans Checkered T-Shirt – $39.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 9

Another matching item is the cropped white t-shirt with the Walt Disney World logo and red detail around the collar and sleeves.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 10

The back has a navy and blue checkered pattern.

Vans Mickey and Minnie T-Shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 21

The white youth t-shirt shows Mickey and Minnie holding hands with a yellow Mickey silhouette behind them on the front center.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 22

The back has the paint-print we’ve seen throughout the collection.

Vans Attractions Hoodie – $69.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 37

The black pullover hoodie features Cinderella Castle on the front pocket area.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 38

The castle is stylized in red, pink, and blue, with the logo underneath the image. Original attractions from the Magic Kingdom are printed down the sleeve.

Vans Bucket Hat – $39.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 40 scaled e1665622816393

The white bucket hat shows off the 1971 attraction art as well, with Enchanted Tiki Room (Tropical Serenade), Cinderella Castle, and more. Like other items from the collection, the same tag is sewn on the front.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 42

Vans x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickey Slip-on Shoes – $69.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 23 scaled

The Vans have a print of Mickey Mouse over a pale blue retro castle background, matching much of the Vault Collection merchandise.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 25 scaled
WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 24 scaled

The shoes feature a white sole and a black trim running around the edge, in addition to a light blue checkerboard pattern that matches the castle near the sides of the heel.

Vans x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Sneakers – $69.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 44 scaled

The sneakers come in the “Old Skool” model. Much like the apparel, the sneakers feature retro-style art inspired by Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Drawing from the Magic Kingdom’s opening day attractions, the sneaker includes such sights as the main entrance, the Jungle Cruise, and the Swiss Family Treehouse on a gray background. The classic Walt Disney World wordmark is shown in black on the white sole, flanked by Mickey-eared globes.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 45 scaled

The back has the classic globe logo inside the D above the Vans “Off the Wall” emblem.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 43 scaled

The sneakers come in a cream-and-gold colored box featuring both the Disney and Vans logos and a checkerboard border.

Fab Four Character Sticker T-Shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 26 edited scaled

On the front upper left chest are three silkscreened “stickers” of Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. Towards the lower left side bottom, near the hem of the shirt, is a black square with the Disney x VANS logo.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 27 scaled

A closer look at the front three silkscreened “stickers” shows each of the characters in a three-quarter profile. Goofy is on an olive green background with “Walt Disney World” in black arching over his head. Minnie Mouse is on a yellow background with “Walt Disney World” in red and Donald Duck is on a blue background with an arched “Walt Disney World” in yellow over his head.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 28 scaled

On the back, covering nearly all of the upper half of the t-shirt, is a large “sticker” of Mickey Mouse. A closer look shows Mickey, also in a three-quarter profile, set against a red background with “Walt Disney World,” in bright yellow, arching over his head.

Vintage Baseball Cap – $34.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 7 scaled

This dark blue classic baseball cap features a large patch with the vintage Mickey Mouse/Castle logo found on merchandise in the 70s. The logo, trimmed in turquoise and alternating gold and white square, features Mickey Mouse standing with his hands behind his back against the silhouette of Cinderella Castle in turquoise with the original “D” logo in gold and the Mickey globe head in the center.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 8 scaled

The back of the hat has “Off The Wall” stitched in gold lettering and an adjustable plastic strap.

Walt Disney World Opening Day T-shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 14 scaled
WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 15 scaled

This dark blue “pre-opening” t-shirt features the classic “D” logo with the Mickey Mouse globe inside and “Walt Disney World,” “Opening Oct. 1971” underneath.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 16

The back of the shirt has the logo that every opening day fan recognizes. Mickey Mouse poses against the light blue image of Cinderella Castle with the Disney “D” and Mickey Globe ears off to one side. The image is surrounded with alternating dark blue and gold squares.

Mickey Mouse Band Leader Shirt – $36.99

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 33 scaled

This shirt, also in dark blue fabric, features “Walt Disney World” in white and “The Vacation Kingdom of the World” in yellow on the front of the shirt.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 31 scaled
WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 32 scaled

The back of the shirt has a large image of Mickey and friends surrounding the “Magic Kingdom” banner in the upper center of the shirt.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 11 edited scaled

This sweatshirt has the Mickey Mouse/Cinderella Castle image on the front. It features a large front pocket with two slits, a banded waistband, drawstrings for the hood, and ribbed cuffs. The sweatshirt also features a drawstring hood.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 12 scaled
WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 13 scaled

Running down the left sleeve is “Off The Wall,” silkscreened in a golden yellow.

Walt Disney World Opening Day T-Shirt – $29.99

The white t-shirt has Mickey and Cinderella Castle surrounded by a gold and white checkerboard ring with the “D” globe logo off to one side.

Will you be picking up any of the Vans x Disney 50th Anniversary Collection? Let us know your favorite items in the comments below!

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