Dirt Piles Rise at Future Disney Vacation Club Wing of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

With the former site of the “Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show” fully cleared of all vegetation and the building itself, site prep is now underway for the future Disney Vacation Club wing set to go up at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

PolynesianDVCWing112222 2

Rubble somewhat remains in this corner nearest to the existing resort.

PolynesianDVCWing112222 3

Actual construction has yet to begin in earnest. A small pile of rubble remains, although dirt piles have started stacking up ear the existing resort, and wood post markers are in the ground.

PolynesianDVCWing112222 4
PolynesianDVCWing112222 5

The further away we get from the existing resort, the more we see dirt piles and site prep work underway.

PolynesianDVCWing112222 6
PolynesianDVCWing112222 1

A scaffolding archway is still in place over what we presume is the entrance to the site for construction vehicles. Diggers and trucks are plentiful.

polynesian Disney Vacation Club

The new building is “set to evoke the spirit of the Seven Seas” despite having a rather muted modern aesthetic quite dissimilar to the current long houses which house guest rooms. The new Disney Vacation Club wing will open in late 2024.

The site was formerly occupied by the “Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show”, a show inspired by luau which dated back to the earliest days of the Walt Disney World Resort. Its final and rather unceremonious performance was on March 15, 2020 right as the COVID-19 pandemic closures began, and it never reopened.