REVIEW: Grab a Cup of Cheer, Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich, and More Holiday Treats From Galactic Grill at Disneyland

Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park is serving up an aptly-named Cup of Cheer alongside a Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Christmas Punch for the holidays this year.

DL 2022 Holiday Galactic Grill Menu 3
DL 2022 Holiday Galactic Grill Menu 4

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich – $13.79

A fried chicken sandwich with cranberry-flavored BBQ sauce, provolone, onion ring, arugula, and citrus bacon aïoli served on a toasted brioche bun

DL 2022 Holiday Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich 2

This sandwich is a step above a traditional barbecue chicken sandwich. The cranberry BBQ sauce is the real star of this dish, setting it apart from other various chicken sandwiches.

DL 2022 Holiday Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich 5

The cranberry BBQ sauce is just that — equal representation of both cranberry and barbecue flavors in the sauce, which pairs well with the crispy chicken. We do wish there was a touch more barbecue sauce.

DL 2022 Holiday Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich 6

And, of course, being a barbecue chicken sandwich, it included an onion ring as well. Overall, we enjoyed this sandwich, and while it may not be worth walking all the way across the park to get it, if you’re in the neighborhood and looking for something that’s slightly more festive, this is your go-to.

A Cup of Cheer – $6.99

Orange cranberry cake with cream cheese icing topped with an orange cream-filled cream puff, dried cranberries, and holiday sprinkles

DL 2022 Holiday Cup of Cheer 2

This is one of the more interesting looking desserts we’ve had thus far, but not the most flavorful. The orange cream puff on top is delicious, and we wish that we could have an entire plate of these. The orange is subdued in the cream center, though still present.

DL 2022 Holiday Cup of Cheer 3

The cake beneath it, menued as cranberry-orange, is more of a white cake with cranberries suspended in it. The dried cranberries don’t do much to pass their flavor onto the cake itself, leaving it as just a plain old cake that’s not particularly well done.

DL 2022 Holiday Cup of Cheer 1

It still might be worth it to order one of these just for the cream puff.

Christmas Punch – $5.49

Pomegranate, cranberry, and orange juices with Sprite served over ice and garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds, cranberries, and a rosemary sprig

DL 2022 Holiday Christmas Punch 2

This drink is absolutely beautiful, and a more traditional Christmas treat. The vibrant red drink is very sweet and topped with a hearty amount of fresh fruit. If one is to dive in and drink the punch on its own, it may be too sweet and lacking any of the strong fruit notes that do this punch a service.

DL 2022 Holiday Christmas Punch 5

Squeezing the giant slice of orange into the drink and enjoying a cranberry or pomegranate aril along with a gulp of punch makes for a great combination and a much more interesting flavor profile.

The holiday season at Disneyland runs from November 11 through January 8.

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