Tokyo Disney Resort Announces ‘Minnie Besties Bash!’ Event

In the final buildup to Tokyo Disney Resort’s exciting 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” celebration in April, the Oriental Land Company has announced what may be the final Minnie-centric winter event. Starting in January, guests can enjoy Minnie Besties Bash! at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

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From January 18 through March 31, guests at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will get to celebrate Minnie Mouse for the third time, focusing on Minnie herself rather than nostalgia for past events this time.

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The infamous one-float “parade” is coming back to Tokyo Disneyland after full seasonal parades (sans dancers and show stops) made their return in April. Once a day, guests will be able to greet Minnie and her friends in the “Minnie, We Love You!” parade along the parade route.


Also at Tokyo DisneySea, the harbor greeting returns again on the blue and gold barge, this time with Mickey, Minnie, and the gang performing twice daily in their Minnie Besties Bash! costumes.


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Minnie’s Lovely Dessert Plate will be available at Center Street Coffeehouse at Tokyo Disneyland. This adorable dessert plate includes a berry and hibiscus-flavored jellied dessert topped with a chocolate in the shape of Minnie Mouse’s silhouette, along with a strawberry cream puff adorned with a chocolate motif of her polka dot bow.

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Minnie’s Lovely Set will be available at Horizon Bay Restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea. The set includes a meat patty with white sauce, cream of potato and beet soup that turns pink when mixed together, strawberry cheese mousse cake inspired by Minnie Mouse’s bag, a choice of bread or rice and a soft drink.

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Guests who purchase an eligible menu item at either of the restaurants mentioned above will receive a luncheon mat with a limited-edition Minnie Besties Bash! design. The luncheon mats, featuring Minnie Mouse happily dancing on stage, make for a cute photo when paired with the applicable menu items.

Additionally, menu items with souvenirs will be offered from January 17, 2023, including a pink, heart-shaped souvenir plate featuring Minnie Mouse, and a souvenir lunch case with a pink polka dot design on a white background with Minnie Mouse on the front and Minnie Mouse and her friends on the back.

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The restaurants will also be decorated and, together with the special menu item and luncheon mat, guests will be able to enjoy their meal in a space filled with their beloved Minnie Mouse.


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Designs of Minnie Mouse will adorn the walls of World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland and American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea, where guests will be able to enjoy taking pictures with the multitude of decorations featuring Minnie.


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As always, there will be plenty of merchandise on sale highlighting Minnie and her charms.

Disney Resort Line

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A limited-time Disney Resort Line ticket will be available as always starting January 17.


During the event, the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will offer accommodation packages that include exclusive merchandise (a blanket, wall pocket and room key case) and a specially designed room key. These items, which can all be taken home, have designs featuring Minnie Mouse and her friends. Additionally, restaurants at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer limited-time menus to celebrate Minnie.

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