PHOTOS: Tour Every Tree on the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll 2022

It’s the time of year again for the Christmas Tree Stroll to return at Disney Springs, back for its third wonderful year! Now through December 30, you can stroll past all of these lovely Christmas trees around Disney Springs and earn a special button for completing the map, so we made our way down to Disney Springs this week to check them all out!

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll Map 2022

christmas tree stroll

There are twenty trees spread across Disney Springs that you can find!

springs tree stroll027
springs tree stroll029

Maps for the Christmas Tree Stroll are available at City Works Eatery & Pour House, Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers, The Boathouse, Planet Hollywood, and UNIQLO.

springs tree stroll292

Frozen Tree

springs tree stroll3182

The “Frozen” inspired tree is located in front of SUGARBOO & CO.

springs tree stroll3186

It is decorated with frost covered flowers, carrots, ice skates, and more.

springs tree stroll3189
springs tree stroll3184
springs tree stroll3192
springs tree stroll3191
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springs tree stroll3183

The Lion King Tree

springs tree stroll281

Over by Blaze Pizza you will find a Christmas Tree themed to “The Lion King.”

springs tree stroll287

It is topped with Rafiki’s hands holding up baby Simba.

springs tree stroll284

Animal prints, lion paw prints, and masks give this tree a savannah vibe.

springs tree stroll283
springs tree stroll285
springs tree stroll289
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This tree does not have too many lights wrapped around it. Instead, a simple string of lights to look like the night’s sky on the savannah.

springs tree stroll282

Coco Tree

springs tree stroll3142

Located by the AMC Theater, the “COCO” tree is designed to look like an ofrenda.

springs tree stroll3136
springs tree stroll3145

Framed pictures of the Riveras are spread throughout, along with quotes from “Remember Me.”

springs tree stroll3133
springs tree stroll3132
springs tree stroll3129
springs tree stroll3130
springs tree stroll3143
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Haunted Mansion Tree

Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 1
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 2

The Haunted Mansion tree is located in between The Lego Store and T-Rex Cafe.

Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 7
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 8
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 10

This tree is decorated with references from the attraction including, the Bride, the floating candlestick, and Madam Leota’s tombstone.

Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 9
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 6
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 4
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 3
Haunted Mansion Tree Disney Springs 5
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Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Nightmare B4 Christmas tree Disney springs 3

What’s this, what’s this? “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Tree is located in front of T-Rex Cafe.

Nightmare B4 Christmas tree Disney springs 1

It’s covered with tributes to our favorite characters from the film, including Zero and his dog house as the tree topper.

Nightmare B4 Christmas tree Disney springs 2
Nightmare B4 Christmas tree Disney springs 4

Lock, Shock, and Barrel masks are hung on the back.

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Star Wars Tree

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The Force is strong with the Star Wars tree. It’s located appropriately located in front of the Star Wars Galactic Outpost.

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C-3PO tops the tree while different symbols, Storm Trooper helmets, and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber decorate the sides.

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Disney Cruise Line “Wish” Tree

The Disney Wish “tree” was delayed, much like the boat once was.

disney wish springs christmas tree 2022 1386

When it was installed, we discovered that it’s a topiary of the ship, not a tree.

disney wish springs christmas tree 2022 1385

Moana Tree

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Imagery from “Moana” decorates this tree, including many tropical flowers, the heart of Tefiti, and Moana’s boat.

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Hi, Hei Hei!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Tree

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New to this year’s tree stroll, the Guardians of the Galaxy tree has us wanting to put on headsets and dance around with Groot.

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This tree is next to AMC Theater.

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Disney+ Tree

springs tree stroll3199

The Disney+ tree returns for this year’s stroll. Last year it was decorated with movie posters, promoting what was available to stream on the platform.

springs tree stroll3193

This year it is covered in blue ornaments, and topped with the Disney+ logo.

springs tree stroll3194

You can find this tree by the Frozen Tree, and in front of the Vera Bradley store.

springs tree stroll3195
springs tree stroll3196
springs tree stroll3197
springs tree stroll3198
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Toy Story Tree

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The “Toy Story” tree is just outside World of Disney.

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Garland made to look like paper links wrap around the tree, and ornaments are hung inside.

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Mickey & Minnie Tree

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Just outside of the World of Disney is this Mickey & Minnie-themed tree.

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It is decked out with polka-dot bows and Mickey-shaped ornaments galore.

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Raya and the Last Dragon Tree

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You can find the “Raya and the Last Dragon” tree just before you cross the bridge.

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Ongis, silhouettes of Sisu, and hide-and-seek Tuk Tuks, are spread over this tree.

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Princess and the Frog Tree

1220A97A 07B9 4A24 9A0F F40F4F32A6C2

“Princess and the Frog” tree is embellished with iconic symbols of New Orleans, and small frogs to represent Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

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You will find this tree by the House of Blues.

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Encanto Tree

Encanto tree disney springs 5

It’s the family, Madrigal! Brand new to the tree stroll, this “Encanto” inspired tree is a fan favorite.

Encanto tree disney springs 11

This tree is decorated with different symbols of the all the gifts the family possess.

Encanto tree disney springs 13

The Miracle Candle tops the tree.

Encanto tree disney springs 4

Of course, an Encanto tree would not be complete without each child’s glowing door.

Encanto tree disney springs 3
Encanto tree disney springs 12
Encanto tree disney springs 10
Encanto tree disney springs 9
Encanto tree disney springs 2
Encanto tree disney springs9
Encanto tree disney springs 1
Encanto tree disney springs 8
Encanto tree disney springs 7
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Black Panther Tree

Black Panther Tree 2

Fittingly located near Super Hero Headquarters is the new Black Panther tree, decked in purple, blue, and gold.

Black Panther Tree 7
Black Panther Tree 6
Black Panther Tree 5
Black Panther Tree 3
Black Panther Tree 10
Black Panther Tree 8
Black Panther Tree 4

Vignettes of the Warrior Falls hang from all sides of the tree, and an actual Black Panther icon can be seen emerging from one side of the tree.

Black Panther Tree 9
Black Panther Tree 1

Annual Passholder Tree

springs tree stroll230

Annual Passholders can admire a tree just for them, located next to Dockside Margaritas.

springs tree stroll229

It has the passholder insignia with Mickey and one with Minnie.

springs tree stroll228

Mickey’s head is placed as the topper.

springs tree stroll226
springs tree stroll225

An Annual Passholder colored monorail is placed at the bottom. No, it does not actually go around the tree.

springs tree stroll232
springs tree stroll233
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springs tree stroll224

Town Center Tree

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Town Center Tree returns to it’s designated spot, by Guest Relations and Zara.

F07EF277 F1EF 4363 A5CE 44BAC97A7A0B

This tree is an annual staple, stunning guests with its height and sparkle.

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Once Upon a Toy Tree

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This tree uses classic Christmas ornaments, presents, and gifts.

84692E70 DEF9 40EA A8CB 4DD5B5C9526E

It brings Christmas to new heights.

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Sphere Tree

Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 2
Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 1

The Sphere Tree can be seen as soon as you enter Disney Springs from Orange Garage. It is made up of spheres of different sizes.

Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 6

Three chandeliers top this tree.

Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 5
Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 4
Disney Springs Tree Trail Sphere Tree 3

Finisher Button

Once you complete your Christmas Tree Stroll, you can visit any location that distributes maps to collet your finisher button. Which Christmas Tree was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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