Guest Jumps Out of Time Machine Vehicle to Sit with Animatronics Aboard Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

In what seems to be becoming a pattern of guests going out of bounds while at Disney Parks, a guest was caught on video today jumping out of his Spaceship Earth time machine and sitting with an animatronic during a ride stop.

Twitter user @pharmd23 shared the video of the guest, who jumped out of his ride vehicle in the Ancient Greece section of the attraction. He then sat down in front of the teacher educating about mathematics in the ancient world, which is towards the beginning of the attraction.

Per the video, the attraction was stopped at the time, likely to allow guests using a wheelchair or ECV to transfer from the constantly-moving Omnimover system to their mobility device. These stops are routine and happen quite frequently, and can last anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes. The guest in question, male in a brown shirt, white shorts, and white shoes, took their chance to get out of the vehicle, which has no restraints, and sat with the Greek animatronics.

Earlier this year, one guest at Disneyland decided to stick their foot in the Splash Mountain flume while aboard the attraction, risking serious injury. And at Tokyo DisneySea, a guest was caught posing in an Arabian Coast fountain for Instagram clout. Even last year, guests climbed onto the track and rock formations of Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure.

Entering out-of-bounds areas can risk serious injury and/or expulsion and trespass from the park, as many areas are not meant for guests to enter. Some areas of the Spaceship Earth ride track in particular are next to high gaps from the floor, which could cause injury if you fall.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Jumps Out of Time Machine Vehicle to Sit with Animatronics Aboard Spaceship Earth at EPCOT”

  1. Perfect example of when disney needs to stop being nice, trespass this person, and charge them for cleaning and downtime loss of gpc. Hammer it to the guests who think they can do anything. Maybe this crap will end when they (themselves or parents/gaurdians) get billed.


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