New Matte Black & Holiday Starbucks Tumblers Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

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New Matte Black & Holiday Starbucks Tumblers Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

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New Matte Black & Holiday Starbucks Tumblers Arrive at Disneyland Resort

There’s nothing more important in chilly times than that hot cup of Joe to keep you toasty as you wait for “Believe… in Holiday Magic” at Disneyland. Luckily there’s a few new holiday Starbucks tumblers we found at the World of Disney Store that’ll keep your drinks hot (or cool) and ready for you!

Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Starbucks Holiday Metal Tumbler – $29.99

DL StarbucksManyMickeyMetalTumbler2022 1 scaled

This tumbler features red and white Mickey Mouse faces with Santa hats dotted all over.

DL StarbucksManyMickeyMetalTumbler2022 2 scaled

We see the Disneyland Resort logo printed vertically on one side. Oddly enough, this one doesn’t have any obvious mention of Starbucks on the side, but the company is listed in the copyrights on the bottom.

DL StarbucksManyMickeyMetalTumbler2022 3 scaled

On top is a simple red metal twist cap.

Mickey Mouse Starbucks Holiday Metal Tumbler – $29.99

DL StarbucksMickeyMetalTumbler2022 1 scaled

Mickey Mouse looks dressed for the season on this metal tumbler, clad in a red sweater with a white “M” on it, along with a Santa hat, a green scarf and pants, and brown shoes. He’ll wear a very similar outfit here at the Disneyland Resort this holiday season.

DL StarbucksMickeyMetalTumbler2022 2 scaled
DL StarbucksMickeyMetalTumbler2022 4 scaled

The Starbucks wordmark appears on the opposite side of this green tumbler in vertical text.

DL StarbucksMickeyMetalTumbler2022 6 scaled

The top is a simple red cap.

Mickey Mouse Starbucks Holiday Tumbler – $49.99

DL StarbucksRedGreenOmbreTumbler2022 2 scaled

This tumbler features the classic “spiky” pattern we’ve seen quite a bit of recently. The big difference here is that it’s in a red color that transitions to a dark green on the bottom, a very Christmasy touch.

DL StarbucksRedGreenOmbreTumbler2022 3 scaled
DL StarbucksRedGreenOmbreTumbler2022 4 scaled
DL StarbucksRedGreenOmbreTumbler2022 5 scaled

Mickey Mouse is embossed on one side above the Disneyland Resort logo.

DL StarbucksRedGreenOmbreTumbler2022 6 scaled

The look is completed with the traditional green straw.

Mickey Mouse Starbucks Holiday Mug Ornament – $17.99

Starbucks HolidayMugOrnament 3

Mickey also appears on a mug ornament this year! He wears a Santa hat on a white and red mug,

Starbucks HolidayMugOrnament 1

The Starbucks logo appears on the opposite site set on a white-red ombre pattern which encircles the entire cup.

Starbucks HolidayMugOrnament 2

The Disneyland Resort logo can be found on the inside of the “mug.”

Matte Black Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

Starbucks MatteBlackSpikyTumbler 1 scaled

Like the other spiky tumblers we’ve seen, this cup is made of plastic with a spiky pattern. Its matte finish gives off a look of rubber from a distance. The front as always bears the Starbucks logo, but all in black with raised details.

Starbucks MatteBlackSpikyTumbler 2 scaled
Starbucks MatteBlackSpikyTumbler 3 scaled

The back features the Disneyland D and resort logo surrounded by sparkles.

Starbucks MatteBlackSpikyTumbler 4 scaled

And unlike most spiky tumblers, this matte black version takes it to the extreme with a black straw rather than green.

We found all of these holiday Starbucks tumblers in the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District, so be sure to stop in while you search for everything you need this holiday season, whether it’s Pixar, Hanukkah, or just plain old Christmas stuff. And let us know what you think in the comments below!

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