Walt Disney World and Cast Member Union Meet Again to Discuss Wages and More

Representatives of The Walt Disney Company and Service Trades Council Union met again this week regarding negotiations about Cast Member wages, healthcare, and more. As of October 12, they had not been able to reach an agreement.

During the first session on November 1, Disney presented a proposal that included $1 additional pay per year. Stating they are “proud” of this offer, a Cast Member in the audience responded, “That won’t help me pay my rent!” The union then reminded the audience that they must remain respectful and let the presenter speak.

The union reviewed the proposal offline and they reconvened later in the evening. The union stated that the $1 offer is not enough considering skyrocketing rent and grocery prices.

They also eliminated their request for an increased pension for those who have worked at Walt Disney World for more than 40 years because there are so few people this would affect.

The union had previously asked for a $10 per week reduction in insurance but changed their request to an $8 per week reduction.

They also changed their request for Juneteenth to be considered a holiday from a 2023 effective date to 2024.

A representative of Local 362 also said that the union’s proposal regarding child bonding is a dealbreaker. Disney had only previously addressed this once saying that they aren’t interested.

The meeting ended for Disney to review the new proposal. We have yet to hear about a response from Disney management.

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