PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 11/1/22 (Halloween Becomes Christmas, A Gingerbread Stormtrooper, New Park Maps and More)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! It’s the day after Halloween, and we headed down to the Disneyland Resort to see how the cleanup is going. So join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.

DLR Mickey and Friends Parking Structure Tram driveway holiday posters

Before we even reach the security checkpoint, we are already made aware of the holiday celebrations in store.


DL Disneyland Map Magic Band

As we boarded the Monorail to head into the park, we noticed that we have a new map featuring Minnie Mouse on the cover and details on the MagicBand+ inside.

DL Entrance Pumpkins for Halloween

Seeing as Halloween officially ended about eight hours ago, the biggest decorations have yet to come down from the park. The flower bed is still Halloween-themed, and the pumpkins still adorn the top of the entrance gates.

DL FA Matterhorn from Monorail stock

It is a surprisingly cold day with beautiful, wispy clouds in the sky that make for some great photos.

DL TL Skyline and Space Mountain
DL FA its a small world Holiday overlay installation

We could see from the Monorail that the hat has been added to the clock face of “it’s a small world” as the holiday overlay is installed.

DL FA its a small world holiday installation

Our first stop was to get a closer look at the clock. We can’t wait for this to reopen for the holidays.

DL FA Popcorn stand holiday decorations

We also noticed some decorations already installed on the popcorn cart nearby.

DL Holiday Collection Christmas Cocoa Popcorn

Speaking of popcorn, this new Christmas Cocoa Popcorn might be our new favorite snack of the season.

DL Holiday Collection Christmas Cocoa Popcorn 2

It’s caramel corn with peppermint pieces and chocolate marshmallows, and it’s absolutely addicting. This bag didn’t last til park hop time.

DL Disney Clothiers Holiday glow wand

In other holiday merchandise news, this glow wand and a new glow necklace, not pictured, are great for lighting up the long, cold nights.

DL Hub Partners Statue and Sleeping Beauty Castle with Snow

The snow and icicle installation on the castle is almost complete, and more holiday decorations have been rolled out resort-wide.

DL CC Critter Country Sign at Holidays Stock

Critter Country is all decked out.

DL CC Splash Mountain Holiday Decorations
DL CC Pooh Corner Christmas Plush Chip and Dale

In Pooh Corner, we found a few new holiday plushes that are just so cute. Chip and Dale are stuffed in a stocking.

DL CC Pooh Corner Christmas Plush Mickey

And Mickey and Minnie are showing off their new holiday costumes in plush form.

DL CC Pooh Corner Christmas Plush Minnie
DL TL Tomorrow Landing Interior 1

Over in Tomorrowland, we took a look inside the recently reopened TomorrowLanding, which is now a retail spot for MagicBand+ and pins.

DL TL Tomorrow Landing Interior 3

The left side is dedicated to MagicBand+ selections. As the service is still quite new, Cast Members were on-hand to help answer questions and troubleshoot issues with the bands.

DL TL Tomorrow Landing Interior 2

The right side of the shop is mostly pins and lanyards.

DL TL Tomorrow Landing Interior 4

Behind the registers is a sign for MagicBand+, as that is a major focus of the shop right now.

DL TL Tomorrow Landing Interior 5
DL TL Star Trader Greatest in the Galaxy Loungefly bag

At The Star Trader, we found a few new pieces of the Greatest in the Galaxy collection, including this Loungefly bag and this button-down shirt.

DL TL Star Trader Greatest in the Galaxy button down shirt
DL TL Star Trader Holiday Ewok plush

And of course more holiday merchandise, with this adorable holiday Ewok.

Star Wars Life Day 2022 Blanket with Sleeves 3

For even more holiday merchandise, we headed off-world to Batuu for the Life Day 2022 collection. This sleeved blanket is pretty cool, but our favorite is the shirt with the cutest little Wookie in the galaxy.

Life Day star wars wookie sleeveless tshirt close up
DL FR Frontierland Themed Holiday decoration

Back on Earth, we headed West to check out the holiday decor in Frontierland. Of course, the Halloween Tree was still up among the garlands, so it gives a different feeling to the atmosphere of the land.

DL FR Frontierland Holiday Decorations Store with Halloween Tree

Downtown Disney

DTD Home Store Holiday Collection wreath

In the Home Store, we came across some cool new holiday merchandise like this wreath, as seen above, and this massive serving tray, as seen below.

DTD Home Store Holiday Collection serving tray
DTD Home Store Holiday Collection The Santa Clause mug

And fans of “The Santa Clause” can now take a piece of the magic home with this reindeer mug styled after Judy’s special hot cocoa recipe. We couldn’t resist this mug, and now we need to get to work on perfecting a recipe over the next 1200 years.

DTD WoD Holiday Display

World of Disney is full of holiday decorations and displays, and more merchandise based on “The Santa Clause.”

DTD WoD Holiday Collection The Santa Clause Business Card Holder

The Rose Suchak Ladder Company has gone into the desk set business with this new business card holder, complete with the contract card from the film.

DTD WoD Holiday Collection Germany christmas shirt

An import from the East Coast, this Germany Pavilion Christmas collection is direct from EPCOT and features several pieces of merchandise.

DTD WoD Holiday Collection Starbucks Christmas Mickey Tumbler

We found several new Starbucks tumblers for the season that are selling fast, but we were lucky enough to catch them all in stock.

DTD WoD Holiday Collection Starbucks Red and green tumbler
DTD WoD Holiday Collection Hanukkah shirt

And “the holidays” are not only about Christmas. This Hanukkah collection can bring extra joy to the night of lights.

DLR JoyHolidayMerch 5 scaled

Speaking of joy, we found even more plaid “JOY” items too add to the collection.

DTD Pin Traders Hotels Holiday pins 2

It’s new pin day, and we found lots of holiday pins that released today. This “it’s a small world” holiday pin folds out to reveal several vignettes from the attraction.

DTD Pin Traders its a small world Holiday pin 2
DTD Pin Traders Hotels Holiday pins 1

Each of the hotels received a spinner pin today, each featuring a hero and villain on the spinning ornament.

DTD Pin Traders Pin ornament peter pan

We also found some mystery ornament pins that have one revealed pin and one mystery item hidden behind the backdrop. It could be a lanyard, a magnet or a patch. You won’t know until you crack it open.

DTD Pin Traders Holiday double pin set

And the standing collection of holiday pins were released recently as well, featuring several designs that help to make the holidays bright.

DTD Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Holiday beignets

At Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express, we have some new seasonal beignets. This month, they are Maple Pecan Pie Glazed Beignets. We can’t wait to try them.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

PPH Repainting

From afar, we could see the repainting progressing on Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel as it is turned into Pixar Place Hotel. Let’s take a closer look.

PPH Repainting 2

At the back (and right now, only) entrance to the hotel, we can check in on the last remainder of the original DCA 1.0 theming — the Paradise Pier billboard.

PPH Repainting 3

It remains safe for now, but we know its days are numbered.

PPH Repainting 6
PPH Repainting 4

Inside the hotel the kids cartoon room is now closed and the windows blacked out.

PPH Repainting 5

Also, the pool and the second floor are off-limits to guests as construction is underway.

Disneyland Hotel

DLH Luggage Storage refurbishment

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, the luggage storage area out front is undergoing a refurbishment.

DLH Luggage Storage refurb 2

It is surrounded in construction walls and fencing with scrim.

DLH Luggage Storage refurb 3
DLH Luggage Storage area temporary

A temporary luggage storage area has been erected in the parking lot.

Disney California Adventure

DCA BVS Carthay Circle Restaurant and Balloons

It’s a cold but beautiful day here at DCA. Let’s see what’s new.

DCA BVS Los Feliz Five and Dime Spider Man Holiday mug

This Spider-Man mug is perfectly festive and features Spidey, Ghost Spider and Spin, scattered around the cup.

DCA BVS Elias and Co Funko Pop Snowman Boba Fett

We also found this festive Funko POP, and we think there is a spelling error there. It says “Boba Fett” but seeing as he is made of snow, we think it is meant to read “Snowba Fett,” as that is the only logical way of saying it.

DCA BVS Los Feliz Five and Dime Holiday Storm Trooper 1

In what might be the coolest piece of holiday merchandise yet, this Holiday Edition of the Phase II Clone Trooper looks like a gingerbread man and comes complete with an icing gun and a Santa Porg.

DCA BVS Los Feliz Five and Dime Holiday Storm Trooper 2

It’s so cool.

DCA HWL Super Store Marvel Shirt

Over at the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus, this new Marvel shirt features 35 different character headshots by Alex Ross.

DCA CL Holiday Decorations installation 3

Cars Land had the most Halloween decorations of anywhere in the park, and they have already made some good headway on removing them after one night. The sign is back to normal and the witch car is gone.

DCA CL Holiday Decorations installation 1

All of the hanging spooky smiles that spanned the road are removed as well.

DCA PP Incredicoaster stock 1

We sure had a fun, but cold, day here at the parks.

Holiday storm trooper at home

One final parting shot from home, where our favorite new purchases of the day make a festive pair as we unwind after a long day.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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