REVIEW: Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar Returns With Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Flight, Coquito ‘Milk’ and Cookies, and More

Today we stopped by Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar (the seasonal overlay of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar) to check out their new holiday themed food and beverage offerings. Let’s dive in!

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Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar Decorations

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Jock’s is now covered in holiday decor!

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The entrance is decked out with all kinds of tinsel, garland, lights, and ornaments.

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Holiday Menu

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The menus at Jock’s during the holidays are inspired by Christmas cards. You even get to take the menus as your own keepsake!

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  • 🆕 “Naughty or Nice” Deviled Eggs – $15
  • 🆕 Here We Come A-Croquetting – $12
  • Grandma’s Revenge Venison Sliders – $14
  • Boughs of Holly Flatbread – $9


  • Claus-Mo – $16.50
  • Yule Mule – $13.50
  • 🆕 Jingle G&T – $14.50
  • 🆕 Hot Chocolate Grail Flight – $22
  • Post-Flight Milk and Cookies – $9 with Milk or $27 with Coquito

*NEW* “Naughty or Nice” Deviled Eggs — $15.00

Crispy Ham, Sweet Honey Glaze (Nice), or Spicy Honey Glaze (Naughty)

jock lindsey holiday menu6293

When ordering these deviled eggs, you choose either naughty “spicy” or nice “sweet.” The spicy or sweet is the glaze on the ham on top. 

jock lindsey holiday menu6295

If you’re a deviled egg fan, these are great. The filling is super creamy and mild and is the perfect complement to the ham. We chose the spicy version, and it had a kick that was the perfect complement to the filling. $15 is pretty steep for 6 deviled eggs, but we did enjoy them.

*NEW* Here We Come A-Croquetting — $12.00

Turkey croquettes, sweet potato puree, bacon-cranberry jam, turkey gravy, sugared rosemary sprig.

jock lindsey holiday menu6282

The croquettes seem more like a meatball than a croquette, with a sweet potato base and Turkey gravy for dipping. Everyone loved the flavors, even if the texture was a bit odd.

Grandma’s Revenge Venison Sliders – $14

Venison Sausage Patty, Bacon-Cranberry Jam, Watercress, and Tomato


These are the same sliders as the past few years. The deer meat taste is very outspoken.


That, combined with the cranberry sauce, means this isn’t everyone’s favorite.


Boughs of Holly Flatbread – $9

Black Forest Ham, French Brie, Watercress, Granny Smith Apple, Pomegranate Seed, Lemon Vinaigrette


There’s a lot going on with this flatbread, but the crust is perfect, and the ham and brie are fantastic.


Other flavors show up and then quickly upstage each other.


*NEW* Jingle Gin and Tonic —$14.50

St. Augustine Gin, Pomegranate Juice, Tonic

gin tonic

Enjoying the Jingle G&T requires two things: someone who likes gin, and someone who likes pomegranate. And that’s just the first test. For our group members who didn’t like one or the other, the drink was repulsive. For others, it was decent, if a little too heavy on the gin. Overall, we found it to be an unremarkable take on a gin and tonic.

*NEW* Hot Chocolate Grail Flight — $22.00

Spiced Caramel with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Cookies and Cream White Chocolate with Vanilla Stoli, Peppermint with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Crème de Menthe

jock lindsey holiday menu6266

These are three very distinct hot chocolates. The spiced caramel with captain morgan was very strong. Boozy kick up front followed by a nice smooth spiced caramel flavor. The cookies and cream also was strong on the vanilla vodka but creamy and delicious. The peppermint and Baileys was just the right mix of sweet, mint and booze.

jock lindsey holiday menu8430

The Chocolate Grail Flight was a big hit with all of us, each of these selections is thoughtful and distinct. The presentation pays tribute to the “X marks the spot” scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!”

Post-Flight “Milk” and Cookies, with Coquito — 27.00; with Milk — 9.00

Ginger Bread Cookie, Apple Pie Cookie, Pecan Pie Cookie, Coquito with Bacardi Rum

jock lindsey holiday menu6253 1

The milk and cookies are always a hit, even though the cookies change each year. This year, the cookies were gingerbread, apple pie, and pecan pie. The cookies were all good, and the presentation made them a table favorite. The gingerbread cookie was filled with chocolate and what tasted like fig and cardamom.

jock lindsey holiday menu6257

We chose to fry it with the Coquito, and it was delicious.

jock lindsey holiday menu6261

Claus-Mo — $16.50

Absolut Citron, Cointreau, Lime Juice, and Cranberry Juice garnished with a Santa Hat

jock lindsey holiday menu6279

The Claus Mo was not a favorite, but the presentation is adorable. It tasted bitter. The table remarks were generally extremely negative. 

Yule Mule – $13.50

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Ginger Beer, Cranberry Juice, Rosemary Simple Syrup, Holly Sugar Leaf


This takes some getting used to. At first, it tastes like you’re drinking a fresh-cut Christmas tree, but it settles after a few more sips.


It’s not our favorite on the menu, but if you like a mule with a twist, this might be the way to go.

Will you be visiting Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar? Let us know in the comments.

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