REVIEW: Winter Sliderland Marketplace Serves Up a Whole New Menu at the 2022 Festival of Holidays in Disney California Adventure

Returning to the 2022 Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure is Winter Sliderland. We’re hoping the offerings this year are moist and savory, compared to the dry turkey slider we were served last year.

Menu for Winter Sliderland Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2022

Winter Sliderland


  • 🆕 Holiday Ham Slider – $9.00
  • 🆕 Brisket Slider – $9.00


  • 🆕 Cherry-Mango Punch – $6.50
  • 🆕 Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail – $16.00
Winter Sliderland photos of menu

Photos of Menu Items from Winter Sliderland Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2022

Winter Sliderland

*NEW* Holiday Ham Slider – $9.00

with Cranberry-Bacon Jam and Gruyère on a Salt & Pepper Brioche Bun

Winter Sliderland Ham Slider

When it comes to meat, this was a very pork-forward slider. There’s plenty of ham coupled with the bacon cranberry jam, but the jam itself is quite light in comparison to the bacon. The slider brings a lot of pork flavor, but not much else.

Winter Sliderland Ham Slider open

There is some hidden rosemary and other herbs mixed within the ham, which add a few more notes and flavors to the dish, however, that’s really the only other flavor sensation beyond pork. Overall, the slider feels one-noted and would have been more of a hit with added variety in the ingredients.

*NEW* Brisket Slider – $9.00

with Smoked Onions and Horseradish Ketchup on a Pretzel Roll

Winter Sliderland Brisket Slider 2

Although the ham slider lacked complexity, this brisket slider makes up for it! The brisket is shaved thin, similar to a Missouri-style barbecue sandwich, and rolled up with plenty of ketchup to keep the dry meat moist on the sandwich.

Winter Sliderland Brisket Slider open

The bun completely dissolves under the weight of this ketchup, but the flavor achieved from this is worth the heavy bun.

Winter Sliderland brisket

Overall, we really enjoyed this slider, and we feel it is the stronger and more complex slider that Sliderland has to offer this holiday season.

*NEW* Cherry-Mango Punch – $6.50

Cherry Syrup, Mango and Peach Nectars, and Lemon Juice, garnished with a Frozen Peach

Winter Sliderland mango punch

The new Cherry-Mango Punch may have a tad too much going on when it comes to a beverage. There are so many flavors vying for attention, that it all melts together to feel more like a generic fruit punch flavor, rather than any of its component parts.

Winter Sliderland mango punch 2

And even at that, it’s not a spectacular fruit punch flavor. We would prefer to taste the individual fruit notes, rather than a jumbled-up concoction which ends up leaving the drink as one of the more forgettable offerings of the festival.

*NEW* Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail – $16.00

Vodka, Hazelnut Liqueur, Oat Milk, Tiramisu Syrup, and Chocolate Bitters, garnished with Valrhona Chocolate Powder

Winter Sliderland tiramisu cocktail

For those looking to sip on a drink similar to a white Russian while roaming Disney California Adventure, this would be the drink for you. However, the Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail is definitely more decorated than a classic white Russian in terms of presentation, as you can see below. It also possesses a bit more chocolate influence.

Winter Sliderland tiramisu cocktail 2

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it, as it’s a well-made drink, but it does feel a little underwhelming compared to so many other unique and amazing offerings here, from the cocktails at other booths.

With an entirely new Winter Sliderland menu available for the 2022 Festival of Holidays, will you be making a trip to Disney California Adventure to taste this food? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch our video review of all the Festival of Holidays marketplaces:

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