Lights & Truss Towers Erected For Return of New Year’s Eve Dance Parties at EPCOT

A number of lights have been affixed to truss towers and placed throughout World Showcase ahead of EPCOT’s New Years Eve celebration this Sunday evening.

“Cheers to the New Year: A Sparkling Celebration” will bring DJs and dance parties to the U.K., Italy, Japan, and China Pavilions around EPCOT’s World Showcase. A first look at some of the entertainment support structures suggests this year’s celebration will continue the same fun seen last year, including some mesmerizing light shows.

United Kingdom Pavilion

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00013

In the gardens of the United Kingdom Pavilion, truss towers and lights have been rigged in place ahead of New Year’s Eve. A pair of truss towers spring from garden boxes on either side of the U.K. gazebo. The truss spans out into all four directions, suspending lights that can be programmed to rotate 360-degrees.

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00002

Additional lights and their truss supports were spotted further back in the garden, ready for installation.

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00010

Italy Pavilion

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00007

The Italy Pavilion also appears ready to bring in 2023 with live performances this weekend. The structure is set up in the center of the pavilion plaza, with rigging set up for lights and speakers. Scrim has been added to the bottom of the tower’s support beams to hide the steel. Lights have not yet been installed but we expect to see them in the next few days.

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00009

DJ dance parties and light shows filled up this space at last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Typically, the dance party at this pavilion has featured Italian dance music.

EPCOTs New Years Eve Prep 00008

“Cheers to the New Year: A Sparkling Celebration” will kick off on Saturday, December 31, with DJ dance parties, light shows, and a performance of “Harmonious” at 6:30 p.m. The New Year’s Eve global countdown will begin at 11:54 p.m. EPCOT will remain open until 1 a.m. on New Year’s Eve allowing for plenty of time to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Watch our video of the 2021 Celebration in EPCOT below:

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