Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction Haunted Mansion Headband, Plush, & Loungefly Backpack Arrives at Disneyland

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Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction Haunted Mansion Headband, Plush, & Loungefly Backpack Arrives at Disneyland

Series 10 of the Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction collection features The Haunted Mansion. The limited-release series features an ear headband, a Mickey plush, a Disney Parks x Loungefly backpack, a pin, and a souvenir key.

We first found The Haunted Mansion collection at the Emporium at Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction The Haunted Mansion Ear Headband – $34.99

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 15

The Haunted Mansion-inspired ear headband has all the hallmarks of the classic attraction, including colors and designs.

The infamous eyes that always seem to be watching you from the attraction’s wallpaper are on the front of both ears. The eyes actually glow in the dark! A top hat sits at the center between the ears. The hat is wrapped with the attraction’s signature print wallpaper.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 17

Embroidered on the back of the ears is a golden Walt Disney World 50th celebration logo. Black piping surrounds the edges of both ears. The same black fabric continues onto the headband itself.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 2

The Haunted Mansion is embroidered in glow-in-the-dark letters on the side.

Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction Haunted Mansion Plush – $34.99

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 4

Mickey Mouse is in his formal attire and ready for a trip to The Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 5

He is in a top hat, jacket and pants and dressed to meet all 999 happy haunts. His whole ensemble, as well as Mickey himself, are in various shades of blue.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 6

Mickey is still donning his usual two-button shorts, but in a different shade, so they fit with the monochromatic theme of the outfit. The iconic purple wallpaper is seen on the stripes that go down both sides of the pant legs.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 7

The patch on the bottom of the foot displays both the name of the collection as well as the number in the series.

The Main Attraction Haunted Mansion Loungefly Backpack – $85.00

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 9

The bag is a classic Loungefly mini backpack style with Mickey ears to celebrate the mouse that started it all.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 11

The front of the bag features glow-in-the-dark eyes and a wallpaper print zip front pouch.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 10

The pouch in the front has faux leather buttons that match Mickey’s shorts.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 12

The side slip pockets have the same striped print that can be found on the ears.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 13

The bag has two adjustable, padded shoulder straps and features the golden Walt Disney World 50 logo on the back. The back also has the glow-in-the-dark The Haunted Mansion logo at the top.

Disneyland MMMAHauntedMansionEarsPlushBag 14

The inside is patterned with the iconic wallpaper.

Are you going to add the Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction Series featuring The Haunted Mansion to your collection? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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