PHOTOS: Dudley-Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls Reopens After Extensive Refurbishment at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

At the beginning of October, Dudley-Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls closed for an unplanned extensive refurbishment at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This week, it finally reopened!

Dudley-Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

The log wall at the entrance to the queue is now painted orange instead of the previous red color.

Dudley-Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

This was the annual refurbishment for this attraction, but it was started earlier than planned because of some minor damage done from Hurricane Ian.

dudley do right reopen59
dudley do right's ripsaw falls

Log flumes with guests inside are once again crashing down the ride’s climactic drop!

dudley do right reopen32
dudley do right reopen24

We did not ride today, but from our vantage point it looked like the visible animatronics were all moving well.

dudley do right reopen73
dudley do right reopen61

The Canadian Mountie from the classic program “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” takes center stage in this log flume ride, in which Dudley-Do-Right must ride through a saw mill to rescue his beloved Nell from the dastardly Snidely Whiplash! While the characters may not be familiar to the modern generation, the 75-foot flume might still be enough to keep you soaked and entertained the rest of the day!

dudley do right reopen30

Are you excited to ride Dudley-Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls on your next visit to Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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