PHOTOS: First Look at TRON Lightcycle / Run Load Area at Walt Disney World

On this morning’s preview of TRON LIghtcycle / Run on “Good Morning America,” we got more than just a look at the ride! We also got to see the completed load area for the first time.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 1

The pitch-black load area is very reminiscent of The Grid, with blue lighting everywhere just as in “TRON Legacy.”

GMATronPreviewUpdate 7

The lighting package extends down to the load itself, with the same dotted and bluish-white lighting on each of the load stations. Lines on the floor direct guests to their stations.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 4

The very wide load area seems to be primed for holding plenty of guests in the 2-2 loading configuration.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 3

The load area is seemingly identical to the version at Shanghai Disneyland.

You can check out the full “Good Morning America” preview here on WDWNT. And let us know if you’re excited for TRON Lightcycle / Run in the comments!

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