VIDEO: ‘Good Morning America’ Anchors Ride Seemingly Completed TRON Lightcycle Run Ride at Magic Kingdom

As a special Christmas present, the hosts of Good Morning America took us on a brief sneak peek into the seemingly-complete TRON Lightcycle / Run at Walt Disney World!

The footage was shared on this morning’s Christmas broadcast, where hosts are at Walt Disney World waiting for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade broadcast to begin. As part of a special sneak peek, they were able to climb onto the attraction and go for a test ride through The Grid!

GMATronPreviewUpdate 1
GMATronPreviewUpdate 7
GMATronPreviewUpdate 3

We see very little of the queue except for the load area, where each of the hosts are wearing special shirts and workers in safety vests and hard hats operate the attraction. It looks identical to the same load area at Shanghai Disneyland.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 4
GMATronPreviewUpdate 12
GMATronPreviewUpdate 11

The hosts seemed genuinely excited by the coaster.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 10

We hear the dialogue for the attraction and the launch, but little of the ride itself as the entire ride is filmed featuring the hosts.

GMATronPreviewUpdate 5
GMATronPreviewUpdate 8
GMATronPreviewUpdate 2

We see some show elements, like racing by one of Clu’s lightcycle racers.

Finally, the end tunnel which features stylized lighting patterns.

Their reactions were overall positive. No new details were revealed about the attraction, which is set to open sometime in the spring based on rumors. But it’s interesting to see the ride essentially complete, meaning the remainder of the necessary work is on the exterior rather than the interior and the ride itself.

Are you excited to ride TRON Lightcycle / Run? Let us know in the comments below!

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