PHOTOS: New Monorail Lunch Tote and More 2023 Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World

Yesterday, we spotted the first 2023 merchandise to arrive at Walt Disney World and now much more is starting to roll in!

2023 Monorail Lunch Tote — $29.99

2023 merch 7092

This monorail lunch tote is fantastic!

2023 merch 7095

Both sides of the tote show a side profile of a monorail (with a red and yellow stripe).

2023 merch 7096

The top of the tote features a cream colored handle.

2023 merch 7094

Attached to the handle on the back side is a rubber “Disney Parks 2023” badge.

2023 merch 7098

The interior of the tote is insulated. Make your lunches more magical!

2023 merch 7099

Mickey Mouse 2023 Pennant Plush — $24.99

2023 merchandise

This adorable Mickey Mouse plush is ready to ring in the New Year!

2023 merch 7008

Mickey is wearing his traditional (yet somewhat faded) red shorts and yellow shoes, but he also has reflections of fireworks in his ears!

2023 merch 7007

Mickey is waving an orange “2023” pennant, leading us into the New Year.

2023 merch 7009

2023 Walt Disney World Zip-Up Hooded Jacket — $64.99

2023 merch 7004

Mickey and Minnie Mouse adorn this light blue, zip-up hooded jacket. On the front, Mickey is holding up a “2” and Minnie is holding up a “3”, as a nod to 2023.

2023 merch 7005

The back of the jacket also showcases Mickey and Minnie, the Walt Disney World logo, and the year 2023.

2023 merch 7002

2023 Mickey-Shaped Hand Soap Dispenser — $19.99

2023 merch 6999

The famous Mickey-shaped hand soap dispenser is now available in a new 2023-themed bottle!

2023 merch 6998

The bottle itself features different characters on pennants, which is a theme of the 2023 merchandise we have seen so far.

2023 merch 7001

2023 Disney Pins

2023 merch 6798

Pin collectors, you’re in luck. We spotted five new 2023 themed pins for sale!

2023 Edna Pin — $11.99

2023 Stitch Pin — $11.99

2023 merch 6805

2023 Spinning Mickey & Friends Pin — $14.99

2023 merch 6808

2023 Disney Villains Pin — $11.99

2023 merch 6811

2023 Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World Pin — $11.99

2023 merch 6814

2023 Spinning Magnet — $14.99

2023 merch 6991

This magnet features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy spinning around the Walt Disney World logo and the year 2023.

2023 merch 6992

2023 Pressed Coin Collection Wallet — $14.99

2023 merch 6993

Guests who love to collect the pressed coins around Walt Disney World will love this new, 2023 pressed coin collection wallet.

2023 merch 6994

The design showcases fireworks, all four Walt Disney World park icons, as well as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

2023 merch 6995
2023 merch 6996

2023 Coloring Set — $19.99

2023 merch 7011

This 2023 coloring set is perfect for parents of young children! In includes 10 twistable crayons, 2 sticker sheets, and one 30-page coloring book.

2023 merch 7012

2023 Glow Lanyard — $20.00

2023 merch 7015

This glowing lanyard would be perfect to wear on New Years Eve!

2023 merch 7017

The lanyard itself is blue, inscribed with 2023.

2023 merch 7018

At the bottom of the lanyard is a plastic housing for the battery that powers the light. At the very end of the lanyard is a Mickey-shaped orb, with 20-23 on it’s ears.

2023 merch 7021

It lights up!

2023 merch 7019

2023 Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Photo Frame — $24.99

2023 merch 7100

This 4″x6″ photo frame showcases the mouse that started it all: Mickey Mouse!

2023 merch 7107

On one side of the frame you’ll find Mickey, on the other a “text bubble” with Mickey’s catchphrase: “OH BOY!” Across the top you’ll spot the year on pennant shaped banners: 2023.

2023 merch 7106

The frame itself has two gray legs and sits atop a gray base.

2023 merch 7109
2023 merch 7101

2023 Disney Parks “Ride. Snack. Repeat.” Reversible Lanyard — $12.99

2023 merch 7076

We also found this reversible lanyard.

2023 merch 7073

One one side, you see Disney characters on a black background. It’s the typical group we’ve seen on most 2023 merchandise: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

2023 merch 7081

Then on the reverse side you’ll find a red background featuring some iconic Disney snacks like Dole Whip and a Mickey Waffle.

2023 merch 7082

You’ll also find the phrase: Ride. Snack. Repeat.

2023 merch 7080
2023 merch 7078
2023 merch 7083

Are you planning to add any of this new 2023 merchandise to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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