Scrims Up Around Pirates of the Caribbean Courtyard at Magic Kingdom

For those in the know, there’s a small courtyard right off the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean which can serve as a quiet space even on the most crowded days, as it has little else to do and serves mostly as a nice added touch for the area’s theming. But those who love this little haven may have to wait a bit before visiting again, as scrims are up along the Pirates of the Caribbean queue at the Magic Kingdom.

PiratesScrim122022 2
PiratesScrim122022 3
PiratesScrim122022 4

A stroll down the Lightning Lane queue reveals the courtyard is currently behind walls and scrim. Temporary walls and doors are set up to keep guests outside of the site.

PiratesScrim122022 5
PiratesScrim122022 6

Except for one temporary wall section with a door, the area is covered in the characteristic beige opaque scrims often seen around construction sites at Walt Disney World.

PiratesScrim122022 8

It’s unclear what sort of work is being done over here, to what extent, or how long it will take. But one thing’s for sure — we hope the courtyard is open again soon!

PiratesoftheCaribbeanCourtyard 1
PiratesoftheCaribbeanCourtyard 2

This is how the courtyard usually appears. It typically has seen little to no use since the interior queue rarely backs up. Until the days of FastPass+ it was generally open access.

The ride is still open and operating normally. And once you get off, you can commemorate your voyage with an incredible Loungefly backpack we found earlier this year.

Are you sad to see this little courtyard closed off for now? Let us know in the comments below!

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