Compose Your Own Figment Station Returns to EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion

Chuck Mirarchi

Compose your own figment 1

Compose Your Own Figment Station Returns to EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion

Chuck Mirarchi

Compose your own figment 1

Compose Your Own Figment Station Returns to EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion

Welcome back, old friend! On a recent visit to EPCOT, we discovered that the Compose Your Own Figment game has returned ImageWorks at the Imagination Pavilion. This fun imagination game debuted at EPCOT in 2011.

Compose your own figment6

Compose Your Own Figment, which is in the post-show of “Journey Into Imagination with Figment,” gives guests the opportunity to create their own version of one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Figment. In the end, you can email yourself, your friends or family your unique creation.

Compose your own figment45
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At each station, there is a keyboard and an “enter” button, as well as a large rolling ball that functions as a mouse. During our visit, we encountered some issues with the mouse at the first station we tried. The mouse didn’t seem to be working properly. When we moved on to the next station, the mouse was functional, but it was difficult to use. The ball rolls, and you have to tap the button to make your selection, but the mouse wasn’t accurately tracking our movements on the screen.

Compose your own figment 1
Compose your own figment2

You can do this by using various body parts to create a completely new character. The goal is to design a unique Figment that represents your own imagination. This activity is a popular feature of the pavilion and has helped to make it famous.

Compose your own figment3
Compose your own figment7

After hitting “Get Started,” you are asked to choose the gender of your Figment.

Compose your own figment8

After choosing the gender, it will give you six various options of what the head of Figment will look like.

Compose your own figment9

Next, you get to choose the body shape. Again, you get six choices including a classic shape.

Compose your own figment10

Six various types of wings are then presented including classic Figment wings, butterfly wings, and dragonfly wings.

Compose your own figment11

Next up – choosing what goes on top of your Figment’s head. You can pick from various styles of horns, a mop of hair, antennas, or rabbit ears!

Compose your own figment12

The last design step is choosing the color of Figment’s body. You get to choose classic Figment purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, or a vibrant purple color.

Compose your own figment20

Your last step before emailing your creation is to give Figment a name.

Compose your own figment21

Once you send the first one, the design game gives you the option to email another recipient your creation or finish.

Compose your own figment final

Although this isn’t the one we created, this is what you will receive – obviously with your own Figment creation.

Are you excited Create Your Own Figment has returned to EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below.

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