Cast Member Union Recommends Rejecting Disney’s $1 Pay Raise Offer

The Services Trades Council Union, the union representing more than 42,000 Cast Members at Walt Disney World, has recommended its members reject an offer of $1 per year pay rise from Disney, who claimed at the time it was “their best offer.”

Negotiations over the contract, which expired in October but has remained in force during negotiation, focused primarily on wages, healthcare, and retirement, where Disney offered a pay rise of $1 as their “best offer” to Cast Members with plans to raise wages a further $1 per year annually until reaching $20. Cast Members later protested in November against Disney’s reluctance to raise wages amid inflation concerns and the rise on cost of living in the Orlando area.

The full statement from the STCU is as follows:

Today the Company presented the Union its best offer. The offer on wages is largely the same as the original offer that only provides an initial $1.00 increase for a large majority of STCU workers. The leadership of all six (6) unions of the STCU are unanimously recommending workers vote NO on this offer.

Disney workers are facing extreme financial difficulties including inflation, which has caused the price of food and rent to skyrocket. $16.00 per hour in 2023 does not keep up with the rising cost of living. Every worker needs an initial raise larger than $1.00 to address these concerns.

The Unions will be scheduling a vote for all STCU members in the coming weeks and will provide those details as soon as possible.

The STCU previously called for a raise of $3 to $18 per hour initial pay. This comes after negotiations were set to resume today and tomorrow, according to the unions late last year.

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