Demolition Begins at Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone in Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

Demolition Begins at Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone in Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

Demolition Begins at Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone in Universal Studios Florida

Demolition has begun behind the construction walls of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone in Universal Studios Florida.

kidzone demolition 0332

Most of the KidZone has permanently closed, but SpongeBob StorePants, E.T. Adventure, and Animal Actors On Location! remain open. The construction walls feature DreamWorks characters, suggesting that may be the theme of the new area or attractions.

kidzone demolition 0333

The waterslide of Fievel’s Playland still towers over the construction walls, but a construction vehicle is parked right in front of it.

kidzone demolition 0358

In fact, several construction vehicles are visible over the walls.

kidzone demolition 0345

These all appear to be excavators, usually used for digging into the ground and moving rubble or dirt.

kidzone demolition 0360

Behind the vehicles, we can just barely see the top of the cowboy hat bounce house and giant box that acted as the exit of the Fievel’s Playland water slide.

UOR USF Fievels Playland 11

For reference, here’s a picture of the area from before the closure. While the other giant elements of the play area aren’t visible, they may not have been removed yet and are just hiding behind the construction walls.

kidzone demolition 0362

We could also still see the tallest hill of Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster.

kidzone demolition 0363

It seems most demolition so far is happening on the ground, and the taller elements will come down later.

kidzone demolition 0367

Fievel’s Playland is near the edge of the construction site but the Curious George Goes to Town play area at the back of the KidZone is completely blocked from view.

kidzone demolition 0370
kidzone demolition 0429 1

We could see some work underway on the sidewalk from inside the theater for Animal Actors On Location! Some of the sidewalk has been torn up, revealing dirt underneath.

kidzone demolition 0430

A piece of plywood sits over a crushed section of concrete.

kidzone demolition 0433

More sidewalk has been torn up further into the land, right outside E.T. Adventure and E.T. Toy Closet. The red roof visible in this photo is the Woody’s Snacks kiosk.

kidzone demolition 0434

Also permanently closed now are DreamWorks Destination and Shrek’s Swamp Meet. Shrek and other DreamWorks characters are now meeting guests in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Florida.

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