EPCOT Parking Lots Renamed After Characters

The EPCOT parking lots are getting new names. We recently reported on the installation of sign frames in the lots, and Disney has shared photos of the new name signage being installed.

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They will be divided into two categories: Earth and Space.

A new sign is also coming to the auto plaza. The old sails around the name were removed recently.

Stay tuned for more photos and information.

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6 thoughts on “EPCOT Parking Lots Renamed After Characters”

  1. Really the stupid chicken gets a sign. More pua less stupid chicken! There are more pua fans btw hence the tagline eveb the voice of heihei has a shirt that says that bc he loves pua too! So much for Epcot being Epcot again you do realize the negative of harmonious besides the horrid finale is that theres characters where they shouldnt be just like how they ruined our rivers of light at DAK! Love the characters but they dont belong in sometimes.

  2. Should have been named:

    – It’s a far walk from here
    – It’s further from here
    – Get to steppin’
    – Hope you’re in shape!!!

  3. I park in figment and imagine a running tram and a park that has not had it’s soul ripped out, music turned off, fountain destroyed, and color changed


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