More Incorrect Disney100 Banners Replaced at Disneyland Resort

Justin Topa

More Incorrect Disney100 Banners Replaced at Disneyland Resort

Justin Topa

More Incorrect Disney100 Banners Replaced at Disneyland Resort

In honor of the 100 Years of Wonder celebration, a new series of Disney100 banners were hung throughout the Disneyland Resort tram route, but a number of the honorary banners featured mistakes that led guests to wonder how much thought went into the centennial celebration decor. Now, four of the Disney100 banners have been replaced to properly honor the milestones represented throughout the 100 years of Disney.

The Disney100 banners hang from lampposts for tram riders and walkers to see. They state the Disney property name in a circle at the center and the year it was introduced in a Cast Member name tag shape at the bottom, but a number of banners including those for “Matterhorn Bobsleds”, Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” displayed incorrect information. The incorrect banners have now been replaced following the opening weekend of the Disney “100 Years of Wonder” celebration at Disneyland Resort.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00002

A “Matterhorn Bobsleds” banner incorrectly listed the Disneyland attraction as opening in 1955. The banner was removed last week when the error was noticed and replaced with the correct “1959” opening year yesterday.

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00008

Magic Kingdom

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00001

You may have noticed that the “Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World” banner does in fact feature the correct opening of the park, but the banner too was replaced for want of a space between “Disney” and “World”.

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00007

Disney Cruise Line

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00003

The next banner originally featured “Disney Cruise Line” with the opening year of 1995. This one is a little confusing. Disney Cruise Line itself was actually founded in 1995, but a Disney Cruise Line ship didn’t launch that year. The Disney Magic was laid down in 1996, launched in 1997, then completed, christened, and set on its maiden voyage in 1998. Disney Cruise Line is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, which puts the origin date in 1998, not 1995. The banner now reflects a 1998 opening.

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00005

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00004

The “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” banner originally displayed “1939″ as its premiere year. The Disney classic actually premiered in 1937 and hit theaters in 1938. The banner has now been corrected to indicate its 1937 premiere.

Disney100 Banners Replaced 00006

Have you noticed the purple and platinum banners around the Disneyland Resort or are you focused on larger aspects of the 100 Years of Wonder celebration? Let us know what you think of the erroneous Disney100 banners and their quick replacement in the comments below.

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