Handcrafted Model Placed in Cage to Avoid Guests Breaking It at Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge in Universal Studios Hollywood

As guests at Disneyland have reportedly begun damaging the newly opened queue of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the team members at Universal Studios Hollywood are taking no chances with the queue of their newest attraction Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. Guests who were lucky enough to have already previewed Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood may be surprised to learn that an incredibly detailed model prominently displayed in Bowser’s Castle has now been covered with a cage to prevent theft or damage.

Bowsers Castle Model Display Cage 00003

After a stroll through Yoshi’s Island and the caves, guests at Universal Studios Hollywood find themselves within the walls of Bowser’s Castle. As guests enter Bowser’s library, strategic plans and blueprints surround an incredibly detailed model that shows how Bowser envisions the Mario Kart course. This display, made largely from cardboard and paper, has now been covered with a metal cage to keep guests from damaging the intricate scene.

Bowsers Castle Model Display Cage 00002

The display features Mario characters in their Super Nintendo-era art style alongside each of the Koopalings and various enemies like Thwomps, Chain Chomps, and Piranha Plants. For a full tour of the model display and the queue in its entirety, check out our walkthrough from earlier this month which shows the diorama cage-free.

Bowsers Castle Model Display Cage 00005

While the cage was not deemed necessary during the attraction’s soft opening, its placement now suggests guests may have been more “hands-on” than originally anticipated. A similar display can be found within the queue at Universal Studios Japan, but after nearly two years in place, the delicate and detailed model remains intact and in place without the need to be caged off from guests.

Bowsers Castle Model Display Cage 00001

Check out our Full Ride POV of Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge at Universal Hollywood:

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