New Fuzzy Pixar Spirit Jersey, Bucket Hat, & Ducky and Bunny Ear Headband Available at Disneyland

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New Fuzzy Pixar Spirit Jersey, Bucket Hat, & Ducky and Bunny Ear Headband Available at Disneyland

The Pixar pals are friends forever in this new fuzzy winter line, with a Spirit Jersey bucket hat and jersey, as well as adorable new Ducky and Bunny ears all now available at the Disneyland Resort! We found all of these at the Emporium in Disneyland Park.

Fuzzy Pixar Spirit Jersey – $99.99

The jersey is white and covered in circles inspired by different Pixar characters. There’s a blue circle with purple polka-dots and horns (Sully), a pink one with round ears (Lotso), and a red one with pointed furry ears (Meilin). We previously found this at Walt Disney World.

A patch of Bunny and Ducky from “Toy Story 4” are on the chest.

Three more patches are on the back.

Meilin, in her red panda form, and Sully are on the bottom.

A rainbow leading to Buttercup the unicorn is on the back of the shoulders. Small hearts are embroidered in front of Buttercup and near the rainbow.

Ducky & Bunny Fuzzy Ear Headband – $29.99

DL DuckyBunnyFuzzyEars 1

This blue fuzzy ear headband brings to mind Ducky and Bunny from “Toy Story 4.”

DL DuckyBunnyFuzzyEars 2

The main headband is covered in light blue faux fur with a green fuzzy interior.

DL DuckyBunnyFuzzyEars 3

The right ear features a fuzzy ball with ears representing Bunny, played by the hilarious Jordan Peele. A green bow sits between the two.

DL DuckyBunnyFuzzyEars 4

On the left we have a blue fuzz ball for Ducky, brought to life by the incomparable Keegan Michael-Key in the film.

Pixar Fuzz Ball Spirit Jersey Bucket Hat – $44.99

This fuzzy Spirit Jersey bucket hat almost looks like tie-dye rather than the fuzz balls we’ve seen on the other merchandise in this line.

But just like the Spirit Jersey, we can see blue dots with purple polka dots for Sulley, red for Meilin, yellow for Ducky, and a lighter blue with no polka dots for Bunny. The pink dots represent Lotso.

The Disney patch seen on newer Spirit Jersey items is attached next to the traditional Spirit Jersey tag.

Will you be wearing any of these Pixar fuzzy items? Let us know in the comments.

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