PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘World of Color – ONE’ Debuts at Disney California Adventure

Matthew Soberman

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘World of Color – ONE’ Debuts at Disney California Adventure

Matthew Soberman

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘World of Color – ONE’ Debuts at Disney California Adventure

The Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration is underway, and the centerpiece of the fun at Disney California Adventure is “World of Color – ONE,” which debuted tonight. Watch the full show in the video below, or read on for our full report!

WorldofColorOneDebut 1
WorldofColorOneDebut 2
WorldofColorOneDebut 3
WorldofColorOneDebut 4

The show features moments from across Disney’s varied franchises. It tells new story of how a single action, like a drop of water, creates a ripple that can grow into a wave of change.

WorldofColorOneDebut 5
WorldofColorOneDebut 6
WorldofColorOneDebut 7
WorldofColorOneDebut 8

Pocahontas shows her adventurous side in one moment.

WorldofColorOneDebut 9
WorldofColorOneDebut 10
WorldofColorOneDebut 11
WorldofColorOneDebut 12
WorldofColorOneDebut 13

Mirabel and the Casita are featured in the “Encanto” segment.

WorldofColorOneDebut 14
WorldofColorOneDebut 15
WorldofColorOneDebut 16

Linguini and Remy from “Ratatouille” get a brief nod.

WorldofColorOneDebut 17

Joe Gardner leads a spirited music lesson in the segment themed to “Soul.” This was previewed in a recent video on Instagram.

WorldofColorOneDebut 18

“Coco” also gets to seize its moment.

WorldofColorOneDebut 19
WorldofColorOneDebut 20
WorldofColorOneDebut 21
WorldofColorOneDebut 22
WorldofColorOneDebut 23

We also head to a galaxy far, far away in the “Star Wars” segment, which shows clips from the films as well as the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.”

WorldofColorOneDebut 24
WorldofColorOneDebut 25
WorldofColorOneDebut 26
WorldofColorOneDebut 27
WorldofColorOneDebut 29
WorldofColorOneDebut 30
WorldofColorOneDebut 31

We see Moana and her relationship with the ocean during the show, including an encounter with Te Ka.

WorldofColorOneDebut 41
WorldofColorOneDebut 42
WorldofColorOneDebut 43
WorldofColorOneDebut 44
WorldofColorOneDebut 45
WorldofColorOneDebut 32
WorldofColorOneDebut 33

The Avengers assemble in a scene which features the portals that reunite the superhero team in “Avengers: Endgame.” This marks the first time Disney animation, “Star Wars,” and Marvel Studios have been featured together in the same Disneyland Resort nighttime spectacular.

WorldofColorOneDebut 34
WorldofColorOneDebut 35
WorldofColorOneDebut 36
WorldofColorOneDebut 37

Finally, all of these stories come together in the show’s grand finale.

WorldofColorOneDebut 38
WorldofColorOneDebut 39
WorldofColorOneDebut 40

The musical score is comprised of 18 different compositions, including the new and original song “Start a Wave,” written by GRAMMY-nominated artist Cody Fry and featuring lead vocals by Loren Allred. The show utilizes virtual queuing, though it isn’t required to see the show

Over at the Disneyland Resort, Disney animation is celebrated in “Wondrous Journeys,” which features projection mapping and fireworks.

Which part of “World of Color – ONE” do you love the most? Let us know in the comments!

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