REVIEW: Platinum Blue Cocktail and Old-Fashioned Cream Soda Premiere at Hollywood Lounge for Disney 100 Years of Wonder in Disney California Adventure

Matthew Soberman

REVIEW: Platinum Blue Cocktail and Old-Fashioned Cream Soda Premiere at Hollywood Lounge for Disney 100 Years of Wonder in Disney California Adventure

Hollywood Lounge in Disney California Adventure has gone platinum for Disney 100 Years of Wonder thanks to the Platinum Blue cocktail, along with the Old-Fashioned Cream Soda!

hollywood lounge 100 years of wonder menu 1
hollywood lounge 100 years of wonder menu 2

Platinum Blue – $16.00

Rum, Blue Curaçao, DOLE Pineapple and Sour Mix

platinum blue 1

This just tasted like blue pineapple juice. There was maybe a hint of rum, but for the most part, it just tasted like Dole pineapple juice. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preferences. We wish we could taste more of the rum to make it more complex than just a cup of juice.

platinum blue 2

That being said, it has no bite and is very easy to drink if you want a cocktail on a warm day. Overall, it’s not the best rum cocktail available at the park right now and not the best cocktail overall by a long shot. We would probably skip this one in the future.

Old-Fashioned Cream Soda – $6.49

Sprite, Cherry and Blue Cotton Candy Gourmet Syrup, served frozen and topped with Whipped Cream and Purple Pixie Dust

old fashioned cream soda 1

This one split our party. Some of us enjoyed it, others downright hated it. Sprite with cotton candy syrup is not an old-fashioned cream soda. It’s not even a cream soda at all!

old fashioned cream soda 2

The whipped cream doesn’t really mix in very well and just kind of clumps at the top. The stringent bite of syrup at the back of the throat belies the artificial flavors, and the overly saccharine Sprite makes this drink wholly unpleasant.

old fashioned cream soda 3

But for those of us who enjoyed the drink, it’s sweet and fruity, with enough creaminess to satisfy the title of cream soda. Yet even those who enjoyed it felt it to be uneven, giving a mouthful of syrup followed by a mouthful of Sprite followed by a mouth full of cream. Its consistency is lacking, and overall, it’s not even close to being one of the best drinks we’ve had.

The soda is also available at Studio Catering Co. in Disney California Adventure, as well as Galactic Grill in Disneyland.

Would you sip on either of these? Share your thoughts in the comments, and if you’re thirsty for more, check out our review of the Sparkling Grape drink over at Disneyland! Keep reading Disneyland News Today for ongoing coverage of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration across the Disneyland Resort!

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