REVIEW: Steamboat Willie Shake Floats into Schmoozies! for Disney 100 Years of Wonder in Disney California Adventure

For Disney 100 Years of Wonder, Schmoozies! in Disney California Adventure honors a crucial part of Disney history with the Steamboat Willie Shake. “Steamboat Willie” was the first cartoon released to star Mickey Mouse, so we’re hoping it’s worthy of this groundbreaking short. Let’s dive in and find out!

Steamboat Willie Shake – $12.99

Cookies & Cream Shake with Whipped Topping and Chocolate Creme-filled Cookie Ears

steamboat willie shake 1

This is just a cookies and cream milkshake. It wouldn’t be a celebration without a specialty shake from Schmoozies! that uses Oreos for Mickey ears, and this drink continues that proud tradition.

steamboat willie shake 2

It’s just a basic shake, though dressed up in its Mickey best. We can’t be upset about it, but neither is it special or impressive in any way.

steamboat willie shake 3

For the money, you can probably find something more unique elsewhere.

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