RUMOR: Walt Disney World Rolling Out $750 ‘Dining Promo Card’ Offer January 5, Still No Signs of Return for Disney Dining Plan or ‘Free Dining’

Walt Disney World is reportedly going to begin offering a “Disney Dining Promo Card” with select vacation packages starting tomorrow. The offer of what essentially is a dining gift card up to $750 in value comes as a surprise as many still assume Disney will bring back the Disney Dining Plan at some point in the future.

The Disney Dining Plan has been unavailable since the parks closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was ostensibly absent because of the limited dining options and lack of staff when the parks reopened. On June 30, 2021, Disney stated they were planning to bring back the Disney Dining Plan. However, no update has been provided since then.

The Disney Dining Promo Card will likely work for all guests as it did for select guests from the United Kingdom in an offer last year. The Promo Card was given to guests who purchase a vacation package that meets specific terms. The amount was a per-night per-person set rate with a maximum value of $750. The card can be used at both table service and counter service restaurants on the participating list.

The offer will be for stays during summer 2023. The pricing is not available yet. In the past, Disney would typically offer the Dining Program for free with stays in late summer to early fall.

Please do not contact Disney or travel agents about the Dining Promo Card offer today, as they will not be permitted to discuss it until tomorrow, January 5.

What do you think about a Disney Dining Promo Card in lieu of the Disney Dining Program? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “RUMOR: Walt Disney World Rolling Out $750 ‘Dining Promo Card’ Offer January 5, Still No Signs of Return for Disney Dining Plan or ‘Free Dining’”

  1. Who can “AFFORD” up to $750.00 (Does Not State what the Disney Dining Promo Card will start At) Per Night, Per Guest, It will be CHEAPER to go OFF PROPERTY to EAT, at Least for DINNER. Especially if the Family has Children. Our Family usually does a Counter Service for Breakfast then go to the Parks /Relax at the Resort (might have a Snack) in the Afternoon, then go OFF PROPERTY to Eat DINNER. Especially NOW with ALL the Reservations Required for RIDES/ RESTAURANTS. A Lot of times, even with Reservations you are still WAITING to get onto a RIDE or into a RESTAURANT.

  2. DVC members will not included as we can not book a package.My dues and taxes for my DVC in 2023 are $ 2654.87.In addition we pay for maid service ,park tickets ,party tickets and meals etc.With Air Fares doubling
    Difficult to keep vacationing at WDW for much longer.

  3. Junk food, showing in the picture… PLEASE OFFER: eggs / omelette, cheese, nuts, fish/steak/chicken, salads, berries, good quality olive oil, sea salt…


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