Star Wars ‘I Love You’ Spirit Jersey Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

Among the most memorable lines in the Star Wars franchise is the exchange between Princess Leia and Han Solo. Now that expression of love is immortalized in a Star Wars “I Love You” Spirit Jersey. We found this Spirit Jersey at Star Traders in the Magic Kingdom.

This jersey arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Star Wars “I Love You” Spirit Jersey – $80.00

star wars i know spirit jersey55

The Spirit Jersey has a modified version of the Millennium Falcon on the front, with a heart-shaped main section rather than a circular one.

Star Wars spirit jersey4(1)

The outline of the ship is in puffy black ink, and various sections are colored lavender and pink.

Star Wars spirit jersey6(1)

At the hem of the garment is a Spirit Jersey tag.

Star Wars spirit jersey7(1)

Close to the hem and next to the Spirit Jersey tag is a Star Wars tag.

Star Wars spirit jersey8(1)

Naturally, Star Traders displays the “I Love You … ” Spirit Jersey right next to the “… I know” Spirit Jersey.

WDW Star Wars Spirit Jersey I Love You

Although this is the back of the Spirit Jersey, it’s really the main focus. This grey crew neck jersey has one of Leia’s famous lines, “I Love You …” written four times down the back of the jersey. At the bottom is a large, black Star Wars graphic.

Star Wars spirit jersey3(1)
Star Wars spirit jersey2(1)

Contrary to urban legend, the “I know” line was not improvised by Harrison Ford. According to, during the filming of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Ford and director Irvin Kershner were discussing how the carbonite chamber scene should go. After some discussion, Ford says that he should just pass by her and say, “I love you.” Kershner suggests that he should say it back to her. Ford replies that he would simply say, “I know” because it’s “beautiful and acceptable and funny.” Kershner agreed.

Are you picking up an “I Love You…” and an “… I Know” Spirit Jersey for you and your significant other? Let us know in the comments below.

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