PHOTOS: Look Inside 1-Up Factory & See All Super Nintendo World Merchandise (With Prices) at Universal Studios Hollywood

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Look Inside 1-Up Factory & See All Super Nintendo World Merchandise (With Prices) at Universal Studios Hollywood

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Look Inside 1-Up Factory & See All Super Nintendo World Merchandise (With Prices) at Universal Studios Hollywood

1-Up Factory is the shop located in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood for all your merchandise needs. Much of this merchandise arrived last year ahead of the land, but we’ve compiled everything available at 1-Up Factory here with prices for your convenience.

1-Up Factory


ush snw 1 up factory 3225

Once you pass Princess Peach’s castle, 1-Up Factory will be on the right side of the land. It’s near Toadstool Cafe toward the back.

ush snw 1 up factory 3350
ush snw at night 1 up factory 3566

Here’s how it looks lit up in the evening.

ush snw 1 up factory 3402

And here’s the view of the land looking outside the pipe. The giant Minion atop the parking garage is visible on the top left.


ush snw 1 up factory 3366

The 1-Up Factory is not very big. Like the rest of the land, it shares the cartoonish bright colors and simple designs associated with Super Mario. A large pipe goes through the middle of the floor, with smaller pipes around the walls. Gears and wind-up keys are in large supply.

ush snw 1 up factory 3368

Video screens above the register show “windows” into the machinery.

ush snw 1 up factory 3379

Large gear lights are mounted to the ceiling.

ush snw 1 up factory 3383


Mario Kart Grand Prix Hoodie – $60

USH SNW merchandise 53

This hoodie has a red torso, with black and white sleeves. The hood, hem, and kangaroo pocket are also black. Mario in his Mario Kart is in the center against a checkerboard background. “Mario Kart Grand Prix” is written down the left sleeve.

Mario Kart Grand Prix Ringer T-shirt – $35

USH SNW merchandise 57

Mario in his Mario Kart are also featured on a white ringer tee. The collar and sleeve caps are black. The image is printed with Mario in front of a red checkerboard background and “Mario Kart Grand Prix” written above.

Mario Kart Grand Prix Bowser T-Shirt – $35

USH SNW merchandise 59

Another Mario Kart Grand Prix ringer tee is available featuring Bowser. The shirt is white with a black collar and sleeve caps. The image is in grayscale.

Black Mario Kart Grand Prix Hoodie – $60

USH SNW merchandise 63

The Mario in his Mario Kart image is also on a black hoodie. There’s checkerboard patterning down the left sleeve.

Gray Mario Kart T-shirt – $35

USH SNW merchandise 74

This gray Mario Kart t-shirt has the logo on a diagonal across the breast, with a round emblem featuring Mario beneath it. It also reads “92” for 1992, when the first Mario Kart game, “Super Mario Kart,” was released.

Youth White Mario Kart T-shirt – $23

USH SNW merchandise 76

A youth tee features a similar design in white, with the Mario emblem and “92” running down the left side of the shirt. Red and grayscale checkerboard patterns trail behind a Super Star and two smaller, gray stars.

Black Mario Kart T-shirt – $35

USH SNW merchandise 78

This Mario Kart tee is black with tire tracks down the left side. An interstate sign-style logo is on top, reading “Mario Kart since 92.” There’s a yellow banner for Bowser Oil and a prohibited sign forbidding Koopa Shells.

Youth Mario Kart Pajamas – $40

USH SNW merchandise 84

A set of youth pajamas is available. The shirt is short-sleeved, with the Mario Kart logo vertically down the right side and a cartoon of Mario in the bottom center. The pants are patterned with various logos including the “Since 92” sign, Bullet Bill, and more.

Youth Super Nintendo World Boo T-shirt – $23

USH SNW merchandise 86

A Super Nintendo World-specific t-shirt is available in black, with the land’s logo and Universal Studios Hollywood text below a variety of Boos.

Gray Mario Kart Bowser T-shirt – $30

USH SNW merchandise 96

There’s also a gray Bowser t-shirt with a Mario Kart emblem on the left breast. Bowser is on his ATV clutching a Koopa Shell.

Yoshi T-shirt – $30

USH SNW merchandise 134

There are a selection of t-shirts featuring the characters against a solid background, with a black collar and sleeve cuffs. The Yoshi shirt is orange.

Bowser Jr. T-shirt – $30

USH SNW merchandise 138

The Bowser Jr. shirt is green.

Bowser T-shirt – $30

USH SNW merchandise 140

The Bowser shirt is red.

Youth Mario T-shirt – $25

USH SNW merchandise 147

The Mario shirt is also red.

Youth Luigi T-shirt – $25

USH SNW merchandise 161

The Luigi shirt is green.

Mario Costume Hoodie – $60

USH SNW merchandise 149

A Mario costume hoodie lets you dress like your favorite Mario Bro. The sweater has a red top and sleeves, with Mario’s signature blue overalls on the torso. (Universal certainly likes their characters who wear blue overalls, huh?) The hood is shaped like Mario’s cap, complete with a brim and his signature M on the front.

Luigi Costume Hoodie – $60

USH SNW merchandise 153

The costume hoodie also comes in a Luigi version in his signature green.


Mario Kart ‘Since 92’ Ball Cap – $27

USH SNW merchandise 46

This black ball cap has racing strips vertically across the hat. An interstate sign-shaped patch is stitched on the front, reading “Mario Kart since 92.” The Super Nintendo World logo is embroidered on the right side.

Mario Kart Patterned Ball Cap – $27

USH SNW merchandise 48

Another Mario Kart ball cap has a black brim with the Super Nintendo World logo, while the hat is patterned with Mario Kart-related graphics.

Luigi Ball Cap – $27

USH SNW merchandise 116
The green Luigi cap has his circle “L” emblem in the center with a patch of the Super Nintendo World logo on the right side. The brim is navy. On the right side of the cap, on a back panel, is the “Super Nintendo World” patch.

Mario Ball Cap – $27

USH SNW merchandise 118

From the red cap and center white patch with a red “M” down to the dark blue brim, this Mario character baseball hat has all the signature colors representing everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario. On the right side of the baseball cap is a large white patch with “Super” and “World” embroidered in a colorful thread, while “Nintendo” is in white embroidery. The letters are off-set with black stitching giving them a 3-D look.

The back of the hat has a red plastic adjustable strap.

Yoshi Ball Cap – $27

USH SNW merchandise 120

Yoshi’s cap is covered entirely in lime green fabric. The front panels have Yoshi’s big eyes and black outlines for his nostrils. The hat is stitched in a contrasting thread. He also features the signature Super Nintendo World colorful patch on the right side. His bright orange spine is just off-center from the top of the cap and runs down the back.

Princess Peach Headband – $18

USH SNW merchandise 122

If headbands are more your style, there are several options. This pink headband has Princess Peach’s crown atop yellow tulle meant to resemble her hair. Dangling from the ends of the band are plush balls that look like her earrings.

Mario Headband – $18

USH SNW merchandise 124

There are also black headbands featuring either a plush Mario or a plush Luigi.

Luigi Headband – $18

USH SNW merchandise 126

Yoshi Plush Pouch – $18

USH SNW merchandise 128

There are pouch versions of the Yoshi and Toad plush. They have yellow straps and a small pocket on their backs.

Toad Plush Pouch – $18

USH SNW merchandise 130

MarioKart Backpack – $50

USH SNW merchandise 55

The Mario Kart backpack is gray with a gray checkerboard pattern across the front. At the top is Mario in a Mario Kart against a red background. There are mesh pockets on each side and a sipper pouch on the front . It has the same pattern of Mario Kart logos and is also sealed with a strap resembling a seatbelt.

Super Nintendo World Boo Tote Bag – $24

USH SNW merchandise 88

Matching the Boo shirt is a black tote bag with the Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World logo. The same bunch of Boos float above the text.

Yoshi Drawstring Bag – $28

USH SNW merchandise 136

There is also a series of drawstring bags that match the character t-shirts.

Princess Peach Drawstring Bag – $28

USH SNW merchandise 145

Luigi Drawstring Bag – $28

USH SNW merchandise 163

Mario Drawstring Bag – $28

USH SNW merchandise 165

Costume Gloves – $24

USH SNW merchandise 159

Complete your outfit with large gloves resembling those worn by Mario and Luigi (as well as other Nintendo characters).

Toys & Plush

Piranha Plant Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPiranhaPlantPlush1

The Pirahna Plant plush has a green pot, stem, and leaves with black “dirt.”

USH SuperNintendoWorldPiranhaPlantPlush2

The plant has sharp (soft) teeth.

Boo Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushBoo

There’s also a small Boo plush with embroidered eyes and dimensional teeth and tongue.

Goomba Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushGoomba

The Goomba’s grumpy face is embroidered. The plush is in shades of soft brown fabric.

Chain Chomp Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushChainChomp1

Most of the Chain Chomp plush has a faux-leather covering to make it shiny. The chain and teeth are more like felt.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushChainChomp2
USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushChainChomp3

Small Toad Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushToad

The small Toad plush is sitting happily in his signature vest and shorts.

Toad Plush Puppet – $25

USH SNW merchandise 40

The Toad Hand Puppet faithfully recreates his iconic outfit from his prominent trait of a large head that resembles a mushroom in white with red spots down to his trademark blue vest trimmed in yellow. He also sports white pants and brown shoes.

Chef Toad Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushChefToad1

You can also get the Toad plush in a Chef version, complete with a chef’s hat, jacket, and apron.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushChefToad2

Bob-Omb Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushBobOmb1

Instead of using faux-leather material like the Chain Chomp, the Bob-omb plush is in a shiny velour-like fabric.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushBobOmb2

Blooper Plush – $20

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushBlooper

The Blooper plush is appropriately all white except for the small mask-like black fabric around its eyes.

Small Mario Plush – $20

USH SNW merchandise 61

There are several sizes of Mario plush, all with similar designs featuring his classic overalls and cap.

Medium Mario Plush – $30

USH SNW merchandise 67

Hand Puppet Mario Plush – $33

USH SNW merchandise 36

This charming Mario hand puppet has all the classic features of Mario Mario (yes, that’s his real last name. At least, it is now. Nintendo keeps going back and forth on their answer) from the global franchise sensation.

Dressed in his signature red plumber’s hat with a red “M” on a white circle, the Mario puppet also features his signature blue overalls with yellow buttons, red shirt, white gloves, and brown shoes. To operate the puppet, there is a slot at the bottom of his blue overalls. 

Large Mario Plush – $60

USH SNW merchandise 65

Small Luigi Plush – $20

USH SNW merchandise 157

There are also multiple sizes of Luigi plush available.

Large Luigi Plush – $60

USH SNW merchandise 151

Yoshi Plush Puppet – $33

USH SNW merchandise 38

This hand puppet is covered in soft synthetic fabric of green and white. He has a prominent snout and big eyes. On the back, his spine is bright orange, and he has a large red and white spot in the center of his body.

Small Bowser Plush – $25

USH SNW merchandise 80

This small-size plush features mean ol’ King Koopa himself. His arms have black cuffs, and his trademark shell is detailed on the back.

Medium Bowser Plush – $30

USH SNW merchandise 82

This plush is the same as the last one, only larger.

Bowser Jr. Plush – $20

USH SNW merchandise 44

Commemorate your time playing the Shadow Showdown with a small Bowser Jr. plush.

Yoshi Stacking Game – $35

A stacking game for ages 3+ includes ten different colors of Yoshis.

Yoshi Figure – $37

USH SNW merchandise 3

There are also collectible character figures. Each one stands upon a Mushroom base.

Mario Figure – $37

USH SNW merchandise 90

Chef Toad Figure – $37

USH SNW merchandise 92


Toad Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate with Crispies – $7

USH SNW merchandise 5

There are several character-themed chocolate bars with decorative wrappers. Toad’s chocolate bar is milk chocolate with crispies.

Luigi Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate Caramel – $7

USH SNW merchandise 6

The Luigi bar is milk chocolate caramel.

Mario Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate – $7

USH SNW merchandise 7

Mario’s is plain milk chocolate.

Yoshi Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate with Popping Candy – $7

USH SNW merchandise 8

And Yoshi’s contains popping candy.

Mario Brick Breakin’ Jawbreaker Candy Tin – $4.95

USH SNW merchandise 23

These little tins with candy are very similar to ones sold at various game and hobby shops around the country. The Mario-shaped tin contains small jawbreakers.

Bullet Bill Blue Raspberry Candy Sours Tin – $5

USH SNW merchandise 24

Bullet Bill is filled with blue raspberry sour candies.

Mario Kart Racing Cup Mystery Tin – $5

USH SNW merchandise 26

The racing cup mystery box contains one candy tin with small hard candies. There are six options for cup tins: Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, Shell Cup, Banana Cup, and Special Cup.

Super Star Candy Tin – $4.95

USH SNW merchandise 28

The Super Star tin has small hard star shaped candies.

Coin Candies in ? Block Tin – $4.95

USH SNW merchandise 30

The ? Block contains yellow coin candies, similar to Smarties.

1-Up Mushroom Sours Tin – $4.95

USH SNW merchandise 32

The 1-Up Mushroom tin contains sour apple flavored, mushroom shaped candies.

Super Mushroom Sours Tin – $4.95

USH SNW merchandise 34

The Super Mushroom tin contains sour cherry flavored, mushroom shaped candies.


Mario Super Nintendo World Logo Pin – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldLogoPins1

The pins come on special red Super Nintendo World backer cards. This pin features Mario jumping over the Super Nintendo World logo.

Mario Jumping Super Nintendo World Logo Pin – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldLogoPins5

Another option features Mario punching a ? Block under the Super Nintendo World logo.

Luigi Super Nintendo World Logo Pin – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldLogoPins4

Luigi runs past the logo on this pin.

Toad Super Nintendo World Logo Pin – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldLogoPins2

And Toad leaps over the lettering on this one.

Princess Peach Super Nintendo World Logo Pin – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldLogoPins3

Last but not least is Princess Peach, who is sitting on a bed of grass and holding a flower crown. The Super Nintendo World logo is below her.

Mario Kart Character Pins – $8 Each


USH SuperNintendoWorldKartCharacterPins4

The pins in this collection feature a character in their signature cart on a Mario Kart track. Mario is racing down the Rainbow Road.


USH SuperNintendoWorldKartCharacterPins3

Luigi is on an underwater course.

Princess Peach

USH SuperNintendoWorldKartCharacterPins1

Peach narrowly dodges a Pirahna Plant.


USH SuperNintendoWorldKartCharacterPins2

Yoshi raises a Koopa Shell, with Bullet Bills in the background.

Mario Kart Cup Pins – $8 Each

Mushroom Cup

USH SuperNintendoWorldKartPowerUpPins2

The Mushroom Cup logo is in red, on a reflective, metal circle.

Flower Cup

USH SuperNintendoWorldKartPowerUpPins4

Shell Cup

USH SuperNintendoWorldKartPowerUpPins1

The Shell Cup pin features a Koopa Shell in green and silver.

Special Cup

USH SuperNintendoWorldKartPowerUpPins3

The smiling crown of the Special Cup logo is lavender.

Mario Kart Pin Set – $19


There’s also a pin set with four Mario Kart themed pins. One features three signs: a banana peel warning, a “Koopa Shells prohibited” sign, and a square sign indicating the need for a glider. The next pin has the standard Mario Kart logo. The third features the same art for “Bullet Bill Speed Trial” seen on other merchandise. The fourth pin is a sign for Bob-omb Plugs.

Character Pins – $11 Each


USH SuperNintendoWorldCharacterPins4

This item focuses on Mario “rising off” the rectangular pin. The background is red. Mario’s hat and glove are particularly highlighted.


USH SuperNintendoWorldCharacterPins3

Luigi’s hat and glove stick out from this playful pin. The background is green, with dark green dots.

Princess Peach

USH SuperNintendoWorldCharacterPins1

Princess Peach’s crown and hair are jutting out of a pink background.


USH SuperNintendoWorldCharacterPins2

This pin features Yoshi, bursting from a yellow background.


USH SuperNintendoWorldCharacterPins5

We saved the beast, er, best, for last. Bowser can’t wait to escape the confines of this pin. Bowser pops out of an orange background.

Mario Kart Pins – $14 Each


USH SNW merchandise 105

Red and black highlight Mario’s pin. The “Mushroom Cup” icon is located at the bottom right.


USH SNW merchandise 107

Yoshi’s green and black pin is action packed. Yoshi holds a shell at the ready. Bullet Bill is fast approaching Yoshi. The “Shell Cup” icon can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the pin.

Princess Peach

USH SNW merchandise 109

Princess Peach dodges a Pirahna Plant on this pin in shades of pink. The “Special Cup” symbol is on the bottom right.


USH SNW merchandise 111

Luigi races straight into Fish Bone in this purple accented pin. The “Flower Cup” logo appears in the corner.


Mario Kart Mini Patch Set – $12

USH SNW merchandise 69

There’s a set of four mini peel and stick patches featuring Mario Kart iconography, including a banana peel warning, a “no Koopa Shell” symbol, the Mario Kart logo, and a patch for Bob-omb Plugs.


Super Nintendo World Pass Case – $10

USH SuperNintendoWorldPassCase1

If clear pass pouches aren’t for you, there’s a faux-leather option featuring artwork for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPassCase2

It comes on an extendable clip with the Super Nintendo World logo.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPassCase3

The art features Mario on the Rainbow Road, Bowser, Toad, Boos, Princess Peach, Pirahna Plants, Yoshi, Bullet Bills, Luigi, and more.

USH SuperNintendoWorldPassCase4

The other side has a clear plastic window to store your pass.

Mario Lanyard – $14

IMG 6052

This red lanyard features Mario. The character is jumping throughout the lanyard. Small, Mario-shaped silhouettes, are also part of the design. These silhouettes are shaded in light red tones.

IMG 6054

“Super Nintendo World,” and “Mario!” are written along the lanyard.

IMG 6055

The Mario-themed lanyard also features: Stars, “?” Blocks, and Bricks.

Luigi Lanyard – $14

IMG 6056

This lanyard, featuring Luigi, is green, like Luigi’s cap. Light green silhouettes of Luigi cover most of the lanyard. “Luigi” and “Universal Studios Hollywood” are written in bold, yellow lettering, with black outlines.

Super Nintendo World Lanyard Pouch – $8

USH SuperNintendoWorldLanyardPouches1

This Lanyard Pouch features Luigi and Mario, in the middle of an epic High Five. The colorful “Super Nintendo World” logo appears at the bottom. This plastic pouch can be used for your Universal Park Pass, or other ID. A metal clasp can attach the pouch to a belt buckle, or other apparel.

Princess Peach Lanyard Pouch – $8

This Lanyard Pouch features another dramatic illustration of Princess Peach. The “Super Nintendo World” logo is presented in the top, right hand corner. “Princess Peach” is written in white, with light blue outlines. The pouch has some colorful, pink accents.


Faux Leather Keychains – $18 Each


USH SNW merchandise 97

These keychains are checkerboard patten with colorful trim and metal grommets. The art featured is the Mario Kart poster-style art seen on other merchandise. Mario’s art is red with the Mushroom Cup emblem.


USH SNW merchandise 99

Yoshi’s keychain is green with the Shell Cup emblem.

Princess Peach

USH SNW merchandise 101

Peach’s keychain is her signature pink with the Special Cup emblem.


USH SNW merchandise 103

Luigi’s keychain is purple. With the predominant presence of Yoshi-themed merchandise, Luigi has been relegated to purple for some items. The art features the Flower Cup emblem.

Mario Kart Character Puck Keychains – $14 Each


USH SuperNintendoWorldMarioKartPuckKeychains1

Mario can be seen driving his kart on Rainbow Road with a Chain Chomp in his path.


USH SuperNintendoWorldMarioKartPuckKeychains2

Bowser can be seen above his castle, the setting for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.


USH SuperNintendoWorldMarioKartPuckKeychains3

Yoshi can be seen flying through the sky with a red shell and a couple of Bullet Bills chasing him.

Brick Block & Super Star Keychain – $11

This keychain has a charm with the Super Nintendo World logo and a charm with a Super Star atop a brick block.

Super Nintendo World Keychain – $9

USH SuperNintendoWorldMetalKeychains4

A rectangle keychain has a glittery version of the Super Nintendo World logo and reads “Universal Studios Hollywood” beneath.

Princess Peach Keychain – $11

USH SuperNintendoWorldMetalKeychains3

This Princess Peach keychain features the same design as her pin.

Mario Jumping Keychain – $11

USH SuperNintendoWorldMetalKeychains2

Similarly, this Mario keychain matches a pin where he is jumping to punch a ? Block.

Yoshi Keychain – $11

USH SuperNintendoWorldMetalKeychains1

The Yoshi keychain has a charm featuring the dino himself, plus a Super Nintendo World logo charm.

Mario Stuffed Keychain – $13

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains1

It’s-a-me! The iconic Italian plumber is now a fun-sized plush keychain with a red plastic clip.

Luigi Stuffed Keychain – $13

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains2

You can also get plush keychains of Luigi, Yoshi, a Bob-omb, Shy-Guy, and Lakitu.

Yoshi Stuffed Keychain – $13

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains3

Bob-Omb Stuffed Keychain – $10

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains6

Shy Guy Stuffed Keychain – $10

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains5

For being so small, this is an almost perfect representation of how Shy Guy looks in the games, and he gets a red clip too.

Lakitu Stuffed Keychain – $10

USH SuperNintendoWorldPlushKeychains4

The Lakitu is riding a cloud and wearing safety goggles.

Home Decor

Mario Kart ‘Since 92’ Metal Sign – $22

USH SNW merchandise 42

A white metal wall sign is available with the Mario Kart “Since 92” logo. It’s trimmed in black with checkerboard and arrow patterns along the top and bottom.

Mushroom Piston Engines Metal Sign – $22

USH SNW merchandise 51

Another sign advertises “Mushroom Piston Engines” with an orange and red striped background. A socket wrench reminiscent of a Super Mushroom is on the sign.

Boswer Oil Metal Sign – $15

USH SNW merchandise

A thin, rectangular, yellow sign has checkerboard striping on the bottom, with the Bowser Oil logo in large black letters. Bowser’s face sits inside the “o.”

Bullet Bill Speed Trial Metal Sign – $15

USH SNW merchandise 114

A similar sign reads “Bullet Bill Speed Trial” in orange against a black background. It’s framed in red and orange, with an orange Bullet Bill and trail above the lettering.

Reversible ? Block and Super Star Pillow – $30

USH SNW merchandise 71

The pillow can be converted to look like a Question Block or Super Star. The Question Block is yellow with a white question mark.

A zipper on the back opens up the pillow, and you can then pull out the inside to reverse it.

USH SNW merchandise 72

It can then be folded into the yellow Super Star and zipped back up.


Super Mario Souvenir Tumbler – $10

USH SNW merchandise 10

There are plastic tumblers featuring character art available. Each has a clear casing over the art. Mario’s tumbler is red.

Luigi Souvenir Tumbler – $10

USH SNW merchandise 12

Or you can get Luigi in green.

Yoshi Souvenir Tumbler – $10

USH SNW merchandise 14

Yoshi is against a yellow background on this plastic tumbler.

Princess Peach Souvenir Tumbler – $10

USH SNW merchandise 16

And Peach’s tumbler, of course, is pink.

Yoshi Mug – $15

USH SNW merchandise 132

The cheerful and friendly Yoshi is the main feature of this mug. Yoshi’s face protrudes forward on this white-faced mug, which also features the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios branding on its opposite side. Yoshi’s mug features a bright yellow interior with a surprise. Yoshi’s green spotted egg lays at the bottom of this Super Nintendo World mug.

Princess Peach Mug – $15

USH SNW merchandise 142

A smiling Princess Peach dons the majority of this mug. Opposite the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, the mug showcasing this classic Super Mario Bros character has a large Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood logo. This mug features “Princess Peach” in classic Super Mario Bros font on the lip of its pink interior. A crown stands out from a white circle background at the bottom of the empty mug.

Luigi Mug – $15

USH SNW merchandise 155

Mario’s younger brother Luigi looks surprised to be featured on his own mug! With eyebrows raised and his classic overalls, Luigi’s mug has a matching green interior. His name is easy to spot on the inside lip of this mug which features the “L” from his hat at the bottom.


Super Nintendo World Mario Pen – $5

USH SNW merchandise 18

A series of pens feature the Super Nintendo World logo in white down the barrel. Atop is a frame containing character art. The Mario pen is red with a circle frame.

Super Nintendo World Princess Peach Pen – $5

USH SNW merchandise 20

Princess Peach’s pen is pink with a photo frame style.

Super Nintendo World Bowser Pen – $5

USH SNW merchandise 21

Bowser’s pen is yellow with a spiky frame.

Super Nintendo World Luigi Pen – $5

USH SNW merchandise 22

Finally, Luigi’s pen is green and his art is in a rectangular frame.

Super Nintendo World merchandise is also available at other locations across Universal Studios Hollywood, including the Character Shop on the lower lot, Feature Presentation on the upper lot, and the Super Nintendo World Store at CityWalk.

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