New ‘Avatar’ Na’vi Glow Crystal Spear and Knife, Stacking Trays, and Long-Sleeved Shirt Arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

With “Avatar: The Way of Water” now in theaters, a new quartet of items straight from Pandora has landed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Na’vi Glow Crystal Spear – $32.00

navi glow crystal spear 4

This Na’vi spear features mock crystal tips on both ends.

navi glow crystal spear 3

It’s decorated to look like the crystal has been secured by being tied onto the ends.

navi glow crystal spear 2
navi glow crystal spear 5
navi glow crystal spear 7

When you press a button on the middle of the staff, the crystals produce a blue bioluminescent glow.

navi glow crystal spear 9
navi glow crystal spear 10

We found this at Riverside Depot.

Na’vi Glow Crystal Knife – $20.00

navi glow crystal knife 5

A similarly-designed glow crystal knife has a natural-looking crystal blade.

navi glow crystal knife 8

The handle has been decorated to make it look like rope.

navi glow crystal knife 6

For added effect, grooves in the blade make it look like it came straight from a cavern.

navi glow crystal knife 7
navi glow crystal knife 3

A button on the handle triggers the glow effect, which emanates from the base, creating a two-tone effect.

navi glow crystal knife 4
navi glow crystal knife 2

We found this at Island Mercantile.

Na’vi Stacking Trays – $34.99

navi stacking trays 7

For something on the more peaceful side, there’s this set of three stacking trays, perfect for storing small items.

navi stacking trays 8

The trays are decorated with Na’vi art depicting a celestial scene, as well as an Ikran (or banshee) in flight.

navi stacking trays 3

The trays are wrapped in a canvas-like material, which enhances the natural look. Two are tan with an orange bottom, and one is in orange with a tan bottom.

navi stacking trays 4
navi stacking trays 5
navi stacking trays 6

The Avatar logo is featured in a light brown on the bottom. We found this in Windtraders.

Avatar Long-Sleeved Shirt – $44.99

avatar long sleeved shirt 1

This shirt has a white base with an ocean blue bottom and sleeves, giving the appearance of water.

avatar long sleeved shirt 2

The image shows the outline of a pair of Na’vi riding two aquatic creatures. The one in darker blue with its mouth open is a Skimwing, while the one above in lighter blue is an Ilu.

avatar long sleeved shirt 3

Both creatures can be seen in “Avatar: The Way of Water,” as well as on Avatar Flight of Passage.

avatar long sleeved shirt 4

Because of how the shirt is designed, the full ocean effect is evident when the arms are at the sides, though it does provide a nice cuff-like appearance on its own.

avatar long sleeved shirt 5

The water pattern continues onto the back.

avatar long sleeved shirt 6

We also found this in Windtraders.

Which item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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