BREAKING: ‘Avatar’ Experience Coming to Disneyland Resort

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Pandora - The World of Avatar Comes To Life At Night

BREAKING: ‘Avatar’ Experience Coming to Disneyland Resort

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced during today’s earnings call that, following the success of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” an “Avatar” experience will be coming to Disneyland Resort.

There are no further details about what this “experience” could involve, but Iger did not call it a new land.

Iger specifically said “Disneyland” and not “Disneyland Resort,” but did not clarify a specific location.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: ‘Avatar’ Experience Coming to Disneyland Resort”

  1. Is it just me or is Grizzly Peak the perfect area for turning into Pandora? There’s already a screen based ride they can change to flight of passage in Soarin’, and an entire forest walking path that can just change lights and plants and it’s Pandora. They just then need to transform the river rapids ride into something Avatar themed, with the grizzly bear on top being replace with one of those floating rocks, and the entire area would be perfect.

  2. This is likely just a collection of some of the props and costumes from the movie to be displayed in a small walk-through. I would assume it will be on the first level of the former Innoventions. Yawn.

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