Bullseye Cutout Revealed at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Bullseye “cardboard” cutout that we spotted outside Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday has now been revealed.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 0019

Roundup Rodeo BBQ is just beyond the giant Woody statue at the main entrance of Toy Story Land. Bullseye was wrapped in a tarp when he arrived and was installed next to the new restaurant’s sign.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5003

The sign itself remains covered in a tarp.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5007

Bullseye matches the style of other Roundup Rodeo BBQ props inside and out that look like they’re from a board game or homemade.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5008

A tarp is still wrapped around Bullseye’s back hooves.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5011
roundup rodeo bbq construction 5014

Behind the main sign, we could see that crews finished painting the fake cardboard banners that hang above the entrance.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5015

These three rounded banners look like Andy colored them with crayons to be red, white, and blue.

roundup rodeo bbq construction 5017

The banners and Bullseye can be seen in the concept art below, although there have been other changes from concept to execution.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ Concept Art

The final fa├žade features Jessie, Wheezy, and Bo Peep drawn in crayon, rather than Buttercup and a horseshoe. Lanterns attached with twist ties have also been added to the sign on the entrance archway.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ will open on March 23, 2023. Check out the full menu and a first look inside.

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