Cast Members Report Issues With Fitting in TRON Lightcycle Run Vehicles at Magic Kingdom

Many Cast Members attending today’s TRON Lightcycle / Run preview at Magic Kingdom have reported issues with fitting into the ride vehicles.

Tron Lightcycle Power Run Showcase1

The vehicles are exactly the same as the ones used for TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland, made for riders that are generally smaller than a large number of guests in the U.S.A. Body shapes and types tend to vary more in the US than in China, with more variations in height also being a factor that might impede guests riding the attraction.

Some Cast Members are reportedly having issues when boarding the Lightcycles. Riders sit on them like a bike, and a piece needs to be lowered into place on their back. The back piece has not been able to be lowered on some larger riders.

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At the ends of some Lightcycle trains are accessible cars with seats called Light Runners. A Cast Member told us there was a thirty-minute wait to get on one of these cars. Another Cast Member said about half of the trains have an accessible car. In the above photo, the last car on the right has two accessible seats.

A similar problem often occurs with the bike-like Banshee seats of Avatar: Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But the TRON seats, in our experience, are more restrictive.

There are test seats outside TRON Lightcycle / Run so guests can check that they fit and are able to board comfortably before getting in line.

Check out photos from the Cast Member preview today. Some Cast Members also shared footage with us, which you can watch in our TikTok compilation below.


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11 thoughts on “Cast Members Report Issues With Fitting in TRON Lightcycle Run Vehicles at Magic Kingdom”

  1. My team is still working on the timing and everything we do quick readjustments for safety and most people have fit it isnt good to compare us to flight they are different ride systems and these are individual harnasses like bars on other rides flight there all one unit one needs readjustment they have to redo the whole row and takes more time. Things will work its just previews give it time. Wdi did adjust alot your living in a dillusion of it was an easy copy/paste and should have opened yrs ago. Different park different space different climate different walks of life have to be accounted for.

  2. I am a petite person who could fit in the test seat when they brought it to D23 Expo, but it was snug even for me. Larger people could barely get on or off the bike and couldn’t get the top to close over them. I think there is going to be a massive wait for the accessible seats and frankly, that’s what they should have used for the entire attraction. Plus you’re leaning on your knees the whole time which won’t be good for people with knee problems. These vehicles are just terribly designed.

    • Maybe they should have the back rider cars on every train, sorry not sure of the term to use. Instead of some of these having the rider car, and maybe 2 rider cars so 4 people can ride at a time instead of only 2?Just a thought. 🤷‍♀️

  3. I’m over 6′ and had no problem in China. Lots of room for tall people. Are these not manufactured by Vekoma? Netherlands right? So height isn’t an issue.

    • Height is an issue, we know some people over 6’6″ who went to Shanghai and couldn’t ride. The majority of the issues are calf size, which means even some more muscular people can not fit on the bike due to a metal bar that restrains the leg.

  4. America screams “Wall-E”. We are getting more and more obese as a country. But wait there will be the outcry of inclusion just you wait.


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