Disney100 Platinum Mickey Statue Misquoting Walt Disney Now Removed at Disneyland

A Disney100 Platinum Mickey Mouse statue was installed as part of the 100 Years of Wonder celebration at Disneyland a few weeks ago, but the statue misquoted the famous words of Walt Disney, continuing a rampant pattern of fact-checking and grammatical errors on Disneyland Resort signage. Today, the statue was removed from Disneyland Park.

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At the Town Square end of Main Street, U.S.A, the new statue was erected as part of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration that began across the Disneyland Resort. A platinum Mickey was the statue’s main feature, but a quote at the base of the statue left Disney fans less than enthusiastic. The now-removed statue can be seen in the photo below from when it was installed on January 25.

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The banner on his base reads, “It all started with a mouse.” The full original quote by Walt Disney was actually, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing: that it was all started by a mouse.” The original quote is slightly longer, but “it was all started by a mouse” would definitely fit on the banner.

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The misquote may seem minor, but as a centerpiece for a celebration that is rooted in Walt Disney Company history, park guests and Disney fans worldwide were noticeably unhappy with the inaccuracy. While we can assume the quote plaque will be remedied and the statue will return to its spot on the end of Main Street, U.S.A., this is not the first Disney100 inaccuracy to need such a replacement.

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A new series of Disney100 banners were hung throughout the Disneyland Resort tram route, but a number of the honorary banners featured mistakes that led guests to wonder how much thought went into the centennial celebration decor. Now, four of the Disney100 banners have been replaced to properly honor the milestones represented throughout the company’s century-long history.

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A misspelling of “Lightning Lane” on Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway preview signage and new signage informing guests about the continued closure of Indiana Jones Adventure has joined the streak of signage mishaps across Disneyland Resort as well.

What are your thoughts on the Walt Disney misquote on this Disney100 statue? Let us know what you think of the Platinum Mickey Statue and its removal in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Disney100 Platinum Mickey Statue Misquoting Walt Disney Now Removed at Disneyland”

  1. As a former Cast Member who was reprimanded and nearly fired for a single typo in an 80 page document which I didn’t even write but was in charge of formatting and printing and quickly corrected once it was discovered by simple reprinting one page within a few hours, this kind of thing infuriates me. Especially since this is Guest facing and on stage. Bad Show.

  2. I think it was fine with the quote that was on the statue, they should’ve left it. People are gonna complain about anything and everything. You can’t please everyone.


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