PHOTOS: All Interactive Drums Refurbished in Pandora – World of ‘Avatar’ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

All of the drums in the interactive drum circle of Pandora – The World of “Avatar” in Disney’s Animal Kingdom have now been refurbished.

pandora world of avatar drums 1325

We first noticed some of the drums had been fixed up last month. They previously had dark spots in the center from being touched and hit so much.

pandora world of avatar drums 1326

All of the drums are now a brown-orange color. The drums were originally a solid light brown color.

pandora world of avatar drums 1327

Guests can stop and play music at the drum circle, although the sound effects are not currently turned on. Drummers used to perform here, too, but they haven’t since the parks closed due to COVID-19 in March 2020.

pandora world of avatar drums 1328

There are still some lines and cracking in the paint of the refurbished drums, but these look more like natural details.

pandora world of avatar drums 1329

In the “Avatar” fiction, this area is called Swotu Wayä, or “the sacred place of song.” The instruments are connected directly to Pandora’s root system, so drummers can access the “living memory of song” when playing. Because Pandora has no walk-around Na’vi characters, the drummers were portrayed as humans who were taught to play by the Na’vi.

pandora world of avatar drums 1335

Watch our video of the Pandora drum circle show below.

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