NEW Disney Critters Loungefly Backpack at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

NEW Disney Critters Loungefly Backpack at Walt Disney World

Who is your favorite Disney critter? We bet they’re on this new Loungefly backpack, now available at Walt Disney World! We first found the bag in Mickeys of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney Critters Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78

disney critters loungefly 9848

The bag has a base color of white, with around the zippers and Loungefly plaque.

disney critters loungefly 9849

The featured characters on the all-over pattern include:

  • Lucifer the cat from “Cinderella”
  • Jaq and Gus from “Cinderella”
  • Pascal the chameleon from “Tangled”
  • HeiHei the rooster from “Moana”
  • Chip ‘n Dale
  • Meeko the raccoon, Percy the dog, and Flit the hummingbird from “Pocahontas”
  • Yzma in cat form from “The Emperor’s New Groove”
  • Marie the cat from “The Aristocats”
  • Little Brother the dog from “Mulan”
  • Thumper the rabbit from “Bambi”
  • Figaro the cat from “Pinocchio” (and Mickey Mouse cartoons)
  • Pluto
disney critters loungefly 9850

Around the animals are various onomatopoeias of sounds like “bark,” “hisssss,” and “chirp.”

disney critters loungefly 9851
disney critters loungefly 9853

The straps and handle are light blue.

disney critters loungefly 9854
disney critters loungefly 9855

The interior is also light blue, with a simpler pattern of just the critters’ faces.

Check out this new Tinker Bell light-up Loungefly backpack, too.

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