New Stitch & RCA Dog Space Mountain Pin Lands at Walt Disney World

A new open edition pin available at Walt Disney World celebrates two Tomorrowland icons: Stitch and Space Mountain. But you might not be expecting just how deep a cut this Space Mountain reference is. What do we mean? Let’s soar on over to the Emporium to find out!

Stitch Space Mountain Pin – $11.99

stitch space mountain pin 9805

Stitch is pictured with a familiar robot dog in the futuristic hotel featured in the exit queue of Space Mountain. The Space Mountain logo is neon green in the corner.

stitch space mountain pin 9806

The dog currently appears in another exit queue scene but originated as a regular non-robot dog named Nipper. He represented RCA, the original Space Mountain sponsor. After the sponsorship ended, Nipper was turned into a robot dog and relocated, where he still sits today.

Nipper RCA

For those who don’t know or are too young to remember, Nipper was the icon of RCA for decades — a dog staring into a phonograph to be specific. The tagline always read that the dog was hearing “his master’s voice” through the phonograph on RCA Victor Records. The terrier mix pup actually lived back in the 1880s and 1890s, but has been immortalized for over a century in advertisements. He’s so iconic in fact that the inquisitive terrier was honored with a 26-foot-tall statue atop RCA’s then-headquarters in Albany, New York, where it still stands today.

We found the pin in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom but will probably be available at pin locations throughout Walt Disney World.

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