PHOTOS, VIDEO: Super Bowl LVII Victory Parade Comes to Disneyland Featuring MVP Patrick Mahomes

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Super Bowl LVII Victory Parade Comes to Disneyland Featuring MVP Patrick Mahomes

Cheers and confetti filled the air last night as the Kansas City Chiefs were declared the winners of Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix against the Philadelphia Eagles. And as is tradition, the team’s MVP gets to be part of a special cavalcade celebration at Disneyland along with the Disney friends on the day after the big game! So we made sure to be at the Happiest Place on Earth to catch this one-time-only celebration featuring MVP Patrick Mahomes.

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The cavalcade opened with two dancers carrying a banner which welcomed the champions of Super Bowl LVII. It did not specify Chiefs or Eagles.

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Cheerleader dancers then came down the street with crimson and gold pom poms, representing the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs, to the music of the former Rainy Day Cavalcade at Disneyland.

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Some dancers also waved crimson and gold flags.

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Next came Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale in their special Disney100 costumes to greet guests.

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Finally a special greeting float decked out in gold, crimson, and white balloons along with Kansas City Chiefs logo came down the street.

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Aboard are Mickey, Minnie, and MVP Patrick Mahomes. This is actually his second victory parade at a Disney park, with his first in 2020 at Walt Disney World.

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The tradition was given to Disneyland this year as the game was held in Phoenix, a few hours’ drive away. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in a surprise second half upset last night 38-35 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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