Plexiglass Barriers Removed from Tables & Cash Registers at Restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort

Spencer Lloyd

Plexiglass Barriers Removed from Tables & Cash Registers at Restaurants in Tokyo Disney Resort

In early 2021, as part of the Japanese government’s expansion of COVID-19 prevention measures, plexiglass barriers were installed at every indoor dining table along with three-sided plexiglass walls at all cash registers. Now as more mitigation measures are peeled back in Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort has finally taken down these barriers.

As of February 14, many restaurants around Tokyo Disney Resort have begun removing these plexiglass barriers from tables, although the stands which held them in are still glued on for the moment. These barriers were installed in January 2021 as part of updated guidance from the Japanese government during the second State of Emergency declaration, which also forced the parks to reduce capacity down to 5000 guests per day. Although multiple studies have since found that plastic barriers do little to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and can in fact make things worse by negatively affecting ventilation, this guidance was only recently lifted.

Meanwhile late last week, guests also found that barriers around cash registers had also been removed. These three-sided walls previously guarded Cast Members from guests during the order-taking process, with a small gap covered by another piece of plastic to allow for sound to travel.

Tokyo Disney Resort has continued gradually easing its COVID-19 requirements since early 2022. Last April, physical distancing lines were removed resort-wide, mask guidance was relaxed to be optional outdoors in September, and temperature checks were finally discontinued in October. The Japanese government plans to make masking “a personal choice” from March 13, but there has been zero announcement from the resort regarding whether these restrictions will be eased further.

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Featured image credit: @h_meika and @Chiiichan_D on Twitter.