Reedy Creek Improvement District Takeover Bill Scheduled for Florida House Vote

Earlier today, the new bill for the state of Florida to take over Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District passed the State Affairs Committee, and has now been scheduled for its first official vote in the Florida Legislature.

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The new House Bill 9B, which will rename the district into the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board and consist of a board appointed only by the governor who cannot have worked for Disney within three years, will go up for a vote Thursday, February 9 in the Florida House. Following its expected passage, it will move on to the Florida Senate before finally going on to Governor Ron DeSantis for signage into law.

25 minutes are allocated for question and answer on HB9B for the bill itself, followed by five minutes for amendments. After, the bill gets 40 minutes in debate. Each side will have 20 minutes, with 10 minute blocks allocated to allow for staggered response. Five additional minutes will be allocated for debating amendments.

The full agenda is available on the Florida Legislature website.

Amendments proposed by Representatives Eskamani and Harris which sought to limit the governor’s power by prohibiting those who have served in elected office within ten years, add local representation from Orange and Osceola County elected officials, and prohibit those who bribe the governor into a position all failed today. The committee voted 17-3 to pass the bill. Eskamani, Harris, and Gantt voted against.

You can read more about the Reedy Creek Improvement District bill and its potential impact it has on the district’s operation as well as Walt Disney World itself.

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