The Royal Pub at Disneyland Paris Menu Updated After Criticism for Promoting Non-British Foods

The Royal Pub, a new restaurant in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris, has had to make some alterations to its displayed menu after advertising “British” food but including non-British dishes.

TikTok user Edith Gervin posted a video about the controversy over the menu. The Royal Pub, which only opened this week, replaced King Ludwig’s Castle and was advertised as a traditional “British” pub. The menu displayed outside the restaurant read “The best of British food,” but as Gervin pointed out there are multiple Irish dishes on the menu. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but not Great Britain, which is technically just the island comprised of England, Scotland, and Wales.

The Irish dishes include Bushmills Irish Tiramisu and Guinness-Braised Beef, with the latter listed under “Traditional British Recipes.” Other dishes at the restaurant are also not necessarily British, but the Irish dishes raised the biggest alarms due to the history between Ireland and Britain.

DLP Report shared before and after photos of the menu displayed outside the restaurant, which is not operated by Disney.

the royal pub menu before
Source: DLP Report

The display never included the full menu, just basic pricing and promotional information.

the royal pub menu after
Source: DLP Report

The new version of the display menu now reads “The finest pub food” instead of “The best of British food.” An image of the “power bowl” has also been removed, although the item is still listed as a promoted menu item. We don’t know if any of the dishes have been renamed, changed, or removed from the full menu.

The change in advertising is a good first step, but if the Irish dishes remain at a restaurant named “The Royal Pub,” guests could continue to take offense. Northern Ireland, as part of the U.K., falls under the jurisdiction of the English royal family, but the Republic of Ireland does not and has long been independent with no monarch.

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