BREAKING: Figment Meet and Greet to Begin This Summer at EPCOT

Disney has given more information about the announced Figment meet and greet at EPCOT.

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Late this summer, guests will be able to meet Figment in the Imagination! pavilion. No exact details or timing were revealed. Though information about the meet and greet format hasn’t been released, Disney did say guests would be able to hug Figment, so he will likely appear as a costumed character as he did in the past.

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Many years ago, Figment could be met in EPCOT, but that meet and greet has long been gone. The imagination dragon has remained a popular character, as evidenced by the frenzy over the Figment popcorn bucket in 2022 and its subsequent return this year.

Figment was first introduced in 1983 in Journey Into Imagination. While his presence in the ride has undergone many changes through the different versions of the attraction, he currently plays a starring role in Journey Into Imagination With Figment. He (and the ride) recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. For more, read our complete history of Journey Into Imagination.

A small diorama of the Imagination! pavilion and Figment were recently added to Living With the Land.

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