Disneyland Paris Makes Post-COVID Comeback with Record Annual Revenue and Modest Profit

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Disneyland Paris Makes Post-COVID Comeback with Record Annual Revenue and Modest Profit

Disneyland Paris has reported a strong 2022 fiscal year after severe financial struggles throughout a global pandemic that dramatically impacted businesses and lives across the entire world.

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Opened in 1992 as Euro Disney, this sprawling resort property was blessed with incredible detail and high budgets for almost every element of construction to ensure qualitative perfection; however, it has also been routinely cursed with economic turmoil. To this day, the accomplishment of turning a profit is still somewhat of a rare and impressive occurrence — though the situation has vastly improved over the years.

After a decade low of $968 million in 2021, revenue has ballooned to an all-time record high of $2.6 billion over the course of a single year, with a $51 million operating profit. These figures come from a recent feature on the resort’s success and earnings reports penned by Forbes.

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Part of this major turnaround is attributable to general tourism recovery in Europe as the global pandemic gradually transitions from crisis to memory; however, the Avengers Campus opening at Walt Disney Studios Park certainly helped as well. This momentous event premiered at the second park available to guests in Disneyland Paris, and opened for the first time on July 22, 2022.

While the grand opening of Avengers Campus is only the first phase of expansion, its popularity has driven attendance to new heights. Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force are the two marquee attractions, along with a variety of merchandise, entertainment, and dining experiences available.

Disneyland Paris also features a night-time drone light show, something that hasn’t been experienced at a Disney location since the drone lights holiday feature at Disney Springs in 2016.

Disneyland Paris expansion concept art.

As part of a long-term plan to boost the resort’s revenue in 2018, Disney CEO Robert A. Iger and French President Emmanuel Macron met at the official Parisian Presidential residence — the Palais de’Élysée — where Iger announced a staggering multi-billion, multi-year expansion of the resort, almost entirely emphasizing the Studios park.

The plan tentatively teased three new areas based on “Frozen,” “Star Wars,” and “The Avengers,” to be opened in phases. While the Galaxy’s Edge land has likely been cancelled, speculation of a potential “Avatar” land now stands in its place. The “Frozen” area is currently well into its development.

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Iger — along with Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro — recently visited Disneyland Paris on the 21st anniversary of Walt Disney Studios Park for an update on the continuing construction progress.

Disneyland Paris’ Attention to Detail

The Parisian Disneyland Park in Marne-la-Vallée is well-known for its incredibly immersive and accessible landscapes. Attractions such as Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, and expansive versions of classics such as Big Thunder Mountain built under the leadership of Imagineer Tony Baxter are well-loved by guests who are seeking a themed walk as much as a themed attraction.


This reputation for details has sustained Disneyland Paris in the toughest times, and are a part of its growth in tourism popularity and revenue.

Disneyland Paris August 201953

Due to the heightened linguistic variation at this resort as opposed to others (considering close-proximity visitation from neighboring Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc.), enhanced visual storytelling is necessitated, since what people see will be universally understandable, while what they hear may not. When a title does need to be given, the name requires careful consideration. It’s why lands such as Frontierland use titles like Phantom Manor instead of Haunted Mansion: “Phantom”, translated into multiple European languages, is often very similar in each vocabulary.

A Long Uphill Climb Completed

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Disneyland Paris has journeyed a great distance to reach this point. Between 1992 and 1995, permanent closures were seriously considered. The introduction of Space Mountain: De la terre à la Lune generated enough interest and excitement to revive interest and save the park.

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At the end of 1995, with the help of this new ride, the resort recorded its first ever yearly profit. Since then, the resort has endured tumult and conflict, and been more concerned about surviving than thriving — until now.

Disneyland Paris is reported to be the single most-visited tourist destination on the continent of Europe, as well as one of the most important facets of France’s tourism sector. If this year’s success is part of an upward trend, it certainly bodes well for the future.

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