FDOT Cancels Plans for Interstate Ramp to Disney Springs

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FDOT Cancels Plans for Interstate Ramp to Disney Springs

FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) has chosen to cancel the planned onramp to cross over the interstate to gain entrance to the Disney Springs area in favor of another option to route traffic and hopefully alleviate some of the congestion in the area and on I-4.

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With more than 58 million visitors to the Walt Disney World resort each year and a large number of those arriving in a vehicle, the traffic and congestion on I-4 can be very troublesome at times. It often causes backed-up traffic that can trap travelers and locals for long periods and cause frustrations for those trying to get to and from their destinations.

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The plan was to connect Interstate 4 and State Road 535 with a flyover onramp that would have crossed the interstate for easier access to Hotel Plaza Boulevard, the resorts, and the Walt Disney World Resort. The proposal was part of improving the I-4 access to the Lake Buena Vista area.

FDOT’s original arrangements were to connect the two with an interchange that would avoid additional traffic and create less of a backup on the SR 535 northbound for those looking to turn onto Hotel Plaza Blvd, which numerous people use daily.

The project was given the green light by FDOT two years ago when the designs were submitted. The area in which it was to be constructed was gained by the state to construct the ramp was a part of the Crossroads area, which was a popular place for visitors.

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FDOT will be using the land to construct a loop ramp that will connect SR-535 to the westbound I-4. This new project will also work to realign the I-4 westbound entrance ramp, create a longer I-4 westbound exit ramp, and build an express lane on I-4 dubbed the Tube.

FDOT says that despite the changes to the project, the new design will help to prevent the current backups. That will, in turn, help with the return on investment in the program.

Currently, many of the visitors to the area trying to exit and get to their destination find this area frustrating and confusing with the amount of traffic the area causes at this time. Several of the hotels in the area have also expressed this concern for their guests and how it can cause them to arrive weary from attempting to navigate the current layout of the roads.


The hope is that the new plan satisfies the needs of not only the local traffic, but the guests and those who are receiving them.

With the replacement of the flyover ramp no longer in the works, the new projected structure design creates a new way for travelers to get from State Route 535 on and off of I-4 by creating a loop that will allow access to the Disney Springs area and Hotel Plaza Blvd. easier for guests and eliminate some of the congestion that occurs in the area.

The construction of the new layout is expected to begin before the end of the current year. Currently, there is no estimated time for the completion of the future project.

How do you feel about the traffic around the parks and resorts? Let us know in the comments if you have experienced a backup of traffic in the area.

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  1. While tourism traffic is definitely a part of the congestion problem, another issue is often overlooked. A lot of congestion in this area from champion’s gate to universal is due to overpasses on I4. Drivers have a natural inclination to slow down due to going uphill, even slightly. Once this starts it becomes a chain reaction. There are overpasses at champion’s gate and also going over 535 at exit 68. Going eastbound, you find traffic in these areas every day.

  2. If only FDOT did something to alleviate traffic on I-4 Eastbound between 557 and 429. A 15 minute drive takes easily 45+ minutes on a daily basis in that direction. Express lanes, or longer merging lanes could help.

  3. 100% more childish retaliation by Desantis for Disney standing up for LGBTQ+ rights. What a terrible governor.

  4. The traffic from exit 72 upto exit 55 is horrendous. The construction going on is partly responsible and is really progressing too slowly. Even the surrounding local roads become virtual parking lots during rush hour morning and evening with no apparent real solution in sight.

  5. Part of the continuing bullying by DeSantis against Disney?

    Florida’s Supreme Leader despises anything WOKE and he has a dislike for tourists as well.

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