First Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Speculation Map Released for Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

First Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Speculation Map Released for Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

First Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Speculation Map Released for Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s officially Halloween Horror Nights speculation season, and Horror Night Nightmares (@HNNightmares) has released the first speculation map for Halloween Horror Nights 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood. They released the speculation map for Universal Studios Florida last month.

2023 ush Halloween Horror Nights speculation map 1

Many of the same houses are listed on both speculation maps. The scare zones and shows are currently unknown, but their likely locations are marked on the map in yellow.

Speculation Map – Houses

Here are the houses listed on this speculation map:

  • The Horrors of Blumhouse: M3GAN / Insidious
  • “The Last of Us”
  • Universal Studios Monsters (Paris)
  • Japanese
  • Nightingales: Blood Prey
  • “The Exorcist”
  • Clown
  • Chucky
  • Guitar
  • Terror Tram: Celebrities

The Horrors of Blumhouse: M3GAN and Insidious 2

m3gan poster official

There have been several houses entitled The Horrors of Blumhouse, all featuring multiple properties in each house. Given that Universal has a ten-year deal with Blumhouse for ownership and distribution of movies, the partnership makes (synergistic) sense.

“The Last of Us”

The Last of Us HBO clicker

“The Last of Us” is an HBO TV series (based on a video game) that is currently garnering viral popularity. While not a confirmation, Pedro Pascal (who plays Joel Miller, one of the series’ leads) likened the filming experience to “an extreme version of Halloween Horror Nights.” However, it’s worth noting that “The Last of Us” was also on last year’s first Universal Studios Florida speculation map but didn’t come to be — a good reminder to take the speculation map with a side of skepticism. The listed houses are rumors, and the plans can (and do) change at the last minute.

Universal Studios Monsters (Paris)

There have been many houses featuring the Universal Studios Monsters throughout the past 31 years, and given their place in the hallows-eve halls of horror, their inclusion is not a surprise. This also follows the trend of the past few years. We had Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives in 2021 and Universal Monsters: Legends Collide in 2022, as well as Universal Monsters houses in Florida.

Japanese Original House

This house is represented on the map with “Japanese creatures (original)” written in Japanese. There’s not much more to go off for this rumored house yet, but given the popularity of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Japan, perhaps the creative teams have collaborated on a mythology-based house.

Nightingales: Blood Prey

Nightingales: Blood Prey was a Halloween Horror Nights 21 house in Universal Studios Florida. Set during World War I, it features the Nightingales, creatures that have existed since time began and feed on people who are weak, ill, and dying during wars and natural disasters.

“The Exorcist”


“The Exorcist” haunted mazes appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood in Halloween Horror Nights 2016 and 2021.


There has been no shortage of clowns at Halloween Horror Nights, but this clip art clown doesn’t seem to resemble a specific character, such as Jack the Clown or Pennywise from “It.” It could be a new original clown-based house or a return of an old classic. Killer Klowns From Outer Space was a house at Halloween Horror Nights 2019 and 2022. Other clown icons from previous years include Sweet Licks and Hollywood Harry.


CHucky HHN 2023

Chucky is currently the only house that has been confirmed. A frequent flier at HHN, Chucky hasn’t had his own house/maze since 2009, but he has made many appearances in between, including in scare zones, Terror Trams, and photo ops.


A speculated house represented by a guitar and lightning bolt is also listed. It’s not marked as an original, creating speculation that the house will be based on the discography of a band. No official clues have been given, but some fans are hopeful that the lightning bolt could mean Metallica (the bolt being a clue for their “Ride the Lightning” album) or even a Stranger Things/Metallica house based on the latest season.

Both Stranger Things houses and band-based houses have appeared at the event before, but given that these are rumors not even speculated by HNNightmares directly, we advise against getting your hopes up yet.

Terror Tram: Celebrities

Terror Tram is the recurring Halloween Horror Nights overlay of the Studio Tour Backlot, with a different theme each year. Last year featured Jordan Peele’s “Nope” and “Us.” This year’s speculation map just says “celebrities,” which could mean any number of things.

What are you most hoping to see at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

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